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On stage lies a man, and a stick. In the background a large flat screen TV flickers, and comes to life. The TV reads “MAN / STICK”, as if to clear up any doubt as to what is right in front of us.

This is not a story. Yet over time, as the Man and the Stick move through different forms together, a certain relationship emerges. Stick makes Man move and through this movement his body begins to speak. Then Stick speaks to us through Man.

All the while the TV tells us what to see. We don’t like being told what to see all the time, but now how can we see anything else?

Darragh McLoughlin was born in Cork and moved to Berlin to pursue what would become his circus training and career. In 2012 he founded Square Head Productions as a platform for artistic research and performance.


Running time

40 min

Presented by

Darragh McLoughlin.

Part of the BE FESTIVAL winter programme

Post-show Discussion

The performance will be followed by a post-show discussion

Fees & Charges

Please note there is a transaction fee of £2.50 on all payment types. Please click here for more information.

Cast & Creative Team


Darragh McLoughlin


Joseph Summers

Artistic support

Marco Chenevier

Artistic support

Andrea Salustri

Artistic support

Elena Kreusch

Artistic support

Benjamin Richter

Artistic support

Caroline Alves

Artistic support

Joseph Summers

Event has passed