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Waltzing the Blue Gods artwork. Image shows Jaivant Patel wearing a shiny, golden sari and lots of golden jewellery. His nails are painted a bright blue and he is holding onto the back of a man, another man is visible behind Jaivant but his face is obscured.

Waltzing the Blue Gods

This event has passed

Waltzing The Blue Gods is a liberating tale in two parts, that reimagines the Queer symbolism of the Hindu gods, Shiva and Krishna, and the role they played in Jaivant Patel’s sexual awakening and spiritual relationship to faith, to becoming an openly homosexual British-Indian man.

Part auto-biographical, part fantasy, the evening celebrates new possibilities for a rich and traditional art form, Kathak, in the context of modern contemporary Britain that’s proud of its LGBTQI+ narratives.

Featuring some of South Asian Arts’ globally respected choreographers, composers, and musicians, expect beautiful, authentic choreography by Urja Desi Thakore and Jaivant Patel, soulful rhythms composed by Alap Desai, paired with heartfelt, live music performed by Yadav Yadavan, Vijay Venkat, John Ball and Sahib Sehmbey.

Jaivant Patel Company is an award-winning arts organisation rooted in Wolverhampton (UK) and is considered one of the leading voices in South Asian LGBTQI+ narratives, intersecting across the boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, faith, and spirituality.

Kathak is a North Indian classical dance form embedded in storytelling.


From £12

Running Time

1 hour 30 minutes including an interval

Age Guidance


Presented by

Jaivant Patel Company

Choreographed by

Urja Desai Thakore and Jaivant Patel

Composed by

Alap Desai

Costume by

Javed Memon in collaboration with Jaivant Patel

Image by

Boneshaker Photography

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Fees and Charges

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Creative Team


Urja Desai Thakore


Alap Desai

Musician (Vocal)

Yadav Yadavan

Musician (Flute)

Vijay Venkat

Musician (Tabla)

Sahib Sehmbey

Musician (Santoor)

John Ball

Artistic Vision

Jaivant Patel

Consultant Producer

Sarah Shead

Consultant Producer

Spin Arts

Set Design Consultant

Emma Bailey

Set Design Associate

Alice Potter

Lighting Designer

Josh Tomalin

Dramaturgy (R&D)

Miranda Laurence

Event has passed