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Thank you

You all deserve a standing ovation

Thank you to all our individual donors, sponsors and funders for their generous support. We are so grateful and you all deserve a standing ovation.

Special thanks to:

Our Principal Funders

Trusts and Foundations



Baron Davenport’s Charity

The Brian Shaw Memorial Trust

Edward & Dorothy Cadbury Trust

G J W Turner Trust

The Joseph Hopkins & Henry James Sayer Charities

Ramps On The Moon

REP Friends

R Anderson, E Bailey, J Barnden, B Bassetti, J Bell, M Bentley, V Blakeman,

R Boer, A Brookes, R Carter, S Clarke, R Challoner, J Chance, S Clemson

G Cloke, M Cull, J Davenport, K Davies, P Davies, M Diamond, J Dolan,

D Donovan, A Dowell, M Dredge, J Drury, T Dunkley, C Durose, R Fieldhouse, T Fletcher,

M Foster, S Gill, S Hall, J Hancocks, R Harvey, P Hazlehurst, P Haycock, R Heath, D Henson,

E Hiscock, D Hogan, C Howard, M Hutchinson, J Jackson, O Jones, B Kerr, R King,

G Kirkup, B Lockley, D Lodge, P Lowe, M Lunn, D Lodge, C Malin, C McKeown,

G Morriss, C Mountain, S Moodie, P Nicholas, B O’Driscoll, S Peach, P Pearson, J Pierce,

J Plain-Jones, S Pope, R Punt, C Reeves, J Redshaw, V Relves, V Rowsell,

S Scarlett, J Seville, J Sherlaw, K Smith, M Somerville, K Stephenson, T Stokes, S Talboys,

H Thompson, L Townend, J Treml, N Tulley, R Turner, F Walsh, P Warren,

J Watling, A Watts, S Williams, E Whittle, A Vickery, S Vokal

REP Understudies

Christine Adams, Neil Brown, Rachel Davies, Dot Emm, Alaine Fendek, Frances Heywood, Joan Macgregor, Allen Riley, Janette Rutter, Bryan Turner, Alan Walker, Andrew Wright


REP Protagonists

Mark Drugan, Linda Hisgett, Harry Medcalf, Amanda and Mark Smith, Rob Verrion, John Wilson, Bob Young

REP Believers

Sue Deeley, Philip Hooker, Graham Winteringham

REP Creators

Gillian Shaw

All of our regular donors for their ongoing support.