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Duet For One

22 Sep 17 - 07 Oct 17
There's no God, you know, Dr Feldmann, but I know where they got the idea; they got it from music...

Nativity! The Musical

20 Oct 17 - 12 Nov 17
Your favourite festive film is now a major new musical adapted for the stage by Debbie Isitt, the creator of the much-loved films. ...
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I Knew You

29 Sep 17 - 07 Oct 17
Angela is edging closer to retirement. Then it will just be her, her cat and ready meals for one. Her son Nathan is struggling with being a stay-at-home dad. It's not as if he's had a role...
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09 Oct 17 - 10 Oct 17
In 19th Century New York, a black man named William Freeman became the first person to raise 'insanity' as a defence in an American trial. Inspired by his story, Strictly Arts explore the...
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26 Oct 17 - 28 Oct 17
Jay is dead. His partner Lenni is desperately trying to remember what caused the accident. Her memory hasn't been so reliable lately but with the help of the little girl next door...
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The Golden Dragon

03 Oct 17
Set in a Chinese restaurant found in any city anywhere, The Golden Dragon is a compelling fable of modern life. At the heart of this East-meets-West tale, is the discovery of a decayed tooth in a bowl...
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20 Oct 17 - 21 Oct 17
Blurring the lines between live art, dance, theatre and fine art, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein explores representations of women, looking at ways in which social media and consumerism have...
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5 SOLDIERS: The Body Is The Frontline

13 Oct 17 - 14 Oct 17
A thrilling and humane portrait of army life telling the stories of five men and women serving on the front line. Kay's trademark intense physical and athletic dance theatre...