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Members of Team Rep are gathered in front of The Rep building holding a blue 'climate declares emergency' sign. They are all smiling.

The Rep Declares Climate Emergency

On what is the 50th Anniversary of World Environment Day (Mon 5 Jun) and during our Climate Action Week, we are declaring CLIMATE EMERGENCY with a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainability.

We will deliver this ambition through strategic areas of work with an overall objective to be carbon neutral within ten years.

This journey has already begun with The Rep having reduced energy consumption by 50%; swapped to 95% water-based products in its paint shop; redistributed the set for our recent production of Of Mice and Men; replaced over 700 lamps and 50 fittings with LED filaments; ensuring conference materials are recycled; and where possible using pre-loved and recycled clothing for all productions. We have also signed up to the Oil Free Sponsorship pledge.

During the pandemic, the Theatre Industry responded to the Climate Crisis by creating a set of guidelines to support theatre making in a more sustainable way called the Theatre Green Book. The Rep started its Green Book journey with last year’s Would You Bet Against Us? in collaboration with Told By An Idiot theatre company, where we successfully achieved a fully sustainable production. Our next Green Book production will be Little Red Riding Hood in The Door at Christmas and we look forward to producing more Green Book productions in the future.

Would You Bet Against Us?

Little Red Riding Hood Artwork. Image shows the back of Little Red Riding Hood who is wearing her red coat and a blue rucksack. She is stood on a dark blue scooter on a winding path. She is looking towards a yellow house with a wreath on its door at the end of the path. There is snow and colourful fairy-lights on the house. In the foreground of the image, behind a tree, is the Big Bad Wolf who is wearing a pink coat and is looking at Little Red Riding hood. There is smoke coming out of the chimney and the text in the smoke reads “Little Red Riding Hood: A magical fairy tale treat for Christmas”.

We are the first producing theatre in The City to pledge, and we are part of a growing group of people in arts and culture creating a regenerative future that protects the planet and sustains everyone, everywhere.


Our Executive Producer Chloe Naldrett said:

It is time for artists and for cultural institutions to step up: it is our job to make a better, fairer, cleaner future irresistible. Our Declaration today is not our first step on this journey, but it is one that we are now ready to share with our audiences.”

As part of Climate Action Week and our Declaration, we are hosting an exciting week of exploration and discussion with artists, organisations, and audiences featuring: Letters to Earth Workshop (Mon 5 Jun) where audiences are invited to join Rep Staff, Trustees, and members of Young Rep in this participatory workshop; Theatre Complicité’s Can I Live? (Wed 7 – Sat 10 Jun) a film conceived, written and performed by Fehinti Balogun. This energising and uplifting film is an exploration of the place where the climate emergency and social justice meet, and a call-to-action to anyone who is curious about what we can do to help. Screenings of Can I Live? are preceded by Birmingham artist Salma Zulfiqar’s film Migration Blanket, which was commissioned by Festival 2022, and are followed by a post-show discussion on a different environmental theme every evening. The week also features Our Future Needs You (Fri 9 Jun – supported by Culture Declares) a lively and empowering event about Climate Awareness for artists and arts organisations in the West Midlands.

Image shows Fehinti Balogun in Can I Live?. He is stood onstage with musicians and dancers wearing hats stood behind him.

Theatre Complicité’s Can I Live?

The Migration Blanket - Climate Solidarity artwork. It is a painting of swirling water with a colourful, patchwork blanket coming out. Text reads 'The Migration Blanket - Climate Solidarity'

The Migration Blanket - Climate Solidarity

Our Future Needs You!. Image shows a birds eye view of a forest landscape. where there is a divide down the middle and on the left hand side the trees are burnt down in comparison to the luscious greenery on the right hand side.

Our Future Needs You!

Letters to the Earth

Victoria Marsom, member of The Rep’s Board of Trustees added:

Declaring a Climate Emergency is a major strategic focus and priority for The Rep and as a Board it is a decision that we are fully committed to. Being a leading producing theatre, we have a responsibility to set an example for our industry and drive change when it is needed. We tell powerful stories and convey important messages every day through our brilliant creative works, and our Climate Action Week of events and workshops is an extension of this. The Rep is determined to play our part in opening up the conversation and understanding what we can all do to make a difference for future generations and I’m very proud of the team making it happen.”

Future work will include sustainable performances of multiple productions, including The Trials as part of next month’s Order & Chaos Festival, an extensive Energy Audit and a reduction in the need for harsh chemicals and dry cleaning.

The Rep’s Environmental Working Group, comprised of staff across the organisation, will be environmental champions and will meet regularly to review and update the theatre’s Environmental policy and plans.

To find out more about each department’s commitment, click here: