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Bhangra Nation production photo. The ensemble are silhouetted on a smoky stage. They are all holding bright orange Khundas (long, striped sticks with small pieces of fabric on the end) out to their side. Some are wearing Bhaggs (a flared turban) and others are wearing Dupattas (silk scarves).

New Bhangra Nation Production Images

We are delighted to release stunning new production photographs of the UK Premiere of Bhangra Nation – A New Musical

The images by Craig Sugden capture the energy and joy of this ground breaking musical theatre production, which is running here at The Rep until Sat 16 March.

It’s a story that speaks to all about finding your place in the world while navigating loyalty and love. As the Uni Bhangra dance team wait nervously backstage to find out if they’ve made it to Nationals, the real showdown has already begun as team-mates Preeti and Mary clash over what Bhangra really means to them.  Whilst Preeti believes that the team needs to stick to tradition, Mary is passionate about shaking things up to belong to today.

When a huge row changes the team forever, Mary and Preeti start on journeys of discovery into what they stand for and who they want to be.



A moving and funny new musical about friendship, family and identity, brought to life with boundless energy and joy, incredible dance moves and a truly bhangin’ soundtrack.

Already audiences are loving this uplifting musical comedy and we’re sure that once you feel the Bhangra beat, you won’t be able to stop moving your feet!