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Sky Comedy Rep Artwork. A composite image of eight diverse comedians sitting on a park bench in front of a bright yellow background.

Content Advice for Sky Comedy Rep

The rising stars of the comedy world are showcasing never-before-seen work in Parklife, the second Festival of New Comedy Writing from Sky Comedy Rep. Discover the funniest writers from across the country as they present a series of hilarious one-act plays.

Some of the plays contain sensitive content. Please see below for more information.

Set A

  • Strong language (most plays)
  • Mild descriptions of threat and violence (Tree Shall Not, Tree Shall Not Be Moved)

Set B

  • Strong language (most plays)
  • Descriptions of nudity (Immaculate)
  • Sexual content (Immaculate)
  • Threats and violence (Start of a Beautiful Friendship and Suckers)
  • Descriptions of death and grief (Patch)
  • Ableism (Start of a Beautiful Friendship)
  • Classism (Suckers)
  • Blood and weapons (Suckers)