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Young detective

Spy School

This event has passed

For Young People aged 7-12.

Spy School is back again for its 7th year and once again we will need our recruits of highly intelligent, incredibly practical and decisively dramatic young people. Spy School is a week-long immersive theatre adventure where young people take on the role of spies to complete training, discover clues and uncover mysteries!

With it being the summer of sport in Birmingham, sport organisations have created a special tournament just for young people! However… there are strange things going on around the word, all our famous athletes and roles models have gone missing, this event really can’t happen without them. Will our super spies be able to save the day once again?

Time and time again our young spies have saved schools, politicians, theatres and they’ve even saved the world! But evil lurks everywhere and the work is never done. Will you take on the challenge that awaits you? Do you have what it takes to join the Secret Spy Service? We wait. We watch. We win.


Mon 1 Aug – Fri 5 Aug


10am – 3pm


£75 per person

Please Note

Children will need to be dropped off and collected each day by an adult at our Stage Door, which is located on Cambridge Street, B1 2EP.

A week before the Summer School all parents/carers will be sent Emergency Contact and Permissions forms, please return this via email to us upon completion.

Event has passed