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Animal Farm

The animals of Manor Farm drive out the farmer to rule the farm themselves. A revolution. And then what – freedom? All animals to be free. All animals to be equal. But some are more equal than others.

Old Major, the prize boars, calls the animals of Manor Farm together. He has a strange dream of a better, brighter future. How will the animals fare as his vision unfolds?

George Orwell’s world-famous fable tells the story of a revolution and its aftermath. The timeless story has been re-imagined by an award-winning creative team in a bold, imaginative and contemporary new production which is accessible to all.

Running time

90 Minutes

Presented By

The Children’s Theatre Partnership and Birmingham Rep

Access Performances

BSL Interpreted Performance: Mon 31 Jan, 7.30pm

Captioned Matinee Performance: Sat 05 Feb, 2:00pm

Audio Described Evening Performance: Sat 05 Feb, 7.30pm

Relaxed Performance: Thu 03 Feb, 10.30am

Schools Performances

03 Feb, 10:30am


Recommended for ages 11+

Fees & Charges

Please note there is a transaction fee of £2.50 on all payment types. Please click here for more information.

The Cast

The Creative Team

Adaptor and Director

Robert Icke

Set and Costume Designer

Bunny Christie

Puppetry Designer and Director

Toby Oliè
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