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Three children taking part in a workshop. Two are pouring water from watering cans and both are smiling.

Early Years and Families

Our work with EYFS revolves strongly around songs, story telling, imagination and fostering an exciting and engaging learning environment. Learning through music is actively encouraged from the earliest age in any learning setting and our education team are passionate about supporting this ethos.

We are currently working on an EYFS programme aimed specifically at young learners aged two to five. We work in several different types of settings including:

  • Private nurseries
  • Pre-schools
  • Children centres and child-minders.

Each project is tailored to suit the setting’s individual needs; interactive story telling, in-role performance, imaginative journeys and sensory experiences are just some of the techniques we use when working in Early Years children. We understand the importance of learning through play to develop gross motor skills, speech and language ability, cognitive learning, confidence and creativity.


We host workshops, open days and opportunities to enjoy affordable days out for young families. If you would like to be kept up to date about family workshops please contact us on to join our mailing list.