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Of Mice and Men Artwork. Image is of the silhouettes of two men in front of a yellow, dusty landscape. One of the men is sat whilst the other is stood and looking into the distance.

Of Mice and Men Content Advice

Recommended age 13+


Of Mice and Men is a new production of John Steinbeck’s highly acclaimed 1937 novella, directed by Iqbal Khan.

With themes of social exclusion based on race, disability and gender, Of Mice and Men is still as relevant today as it was in 1937. The production stays true to the original script, exposing the depths of the characters and inviting conversations around difficult topics set against the brutality of the time.

It will therefore contain sensitive content including topics that cover racism, ableism, sexism, violence, assault, murder, death, plus some strong and offensive language…

If you would like to read more about any of these specific topics, please see below for details:

Racial language
Themes of racism and racial injustice run throughout the play, particularly in relation to the character of Crooks. Racial slurs and derogatory descriptions are repeated throughout the piece, and social exclusion is prevalent. Specifically, the characters use the N-word as a slur to refer to Crooks.

Lennie is a learning disabled character and ableist language is directed at him throughout.

There are multiple occasions within the play where sexist language is directed at the character of Curley’s wife. In Steinbeck’s novel and the script, this character does not have a name, and is known as ‘Curley’s wife’.

Death, violence, and threats
There are depictions of violence against characters including Lennie, Curley’s wife and Curley. The death of multiple characters, as well as animals, occur throughout the piece. There are several threats of violence towards the character of Lennie.
The script also contains descriptions of violent acts, including a sexual assault and a graphically-described injury.

Animal abuse
Descriptions of cruelty and violence to animals are mentioned throughout the play. The animals in the play are created using puppets.

Distressing sounds and visuals
There are multiple loud gunshots in the production, as well as haze, depictions of blood and use of prop guns and knives onstage.

Strong language
As indicated above, violent language is used sporadically throughout.

If you have been affected by the themes raised in this production, please consider reaching out to the suggested organisations below for further support:


  • Black Minds Matter UK connects Black individuals and families with free mental health services by professional Black therapists to support their mental health


  • Scope’s helpline provides free, independent and impartial advice and support on issues that matter to disabled people and their families.