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It takes a lot of people to put on a show. Every single member of our team plays an important role in getting theatre from the rehearsal room onto our stages and into our communities.

You can find all of our staff members by clicking on the relevant departments. If you would like to get in touch, email in this format, [first name].[last name]


Our Team

Executive Director

Rachael Thomas

Artistic Director

Sean Foley

Arts and Producing

Associate Director

Madeleine Kludje

Associate Director

Iqbal Khan

Executive Producer

Chloe Naldrett


Jonathan Brindley


Joshua Beaumont

Assistant Producer

Lucy Thompson

Director of Creative Learning

Alexander Summers

Head of Education

Bhavik Parmar

Young Rep Director (Interim)

Rebecca Deeks

Creative Learning Administrator (Interim)

Pat Dawson

Project Producer - Shifting The Dial

Samina Beckford

Lightpost Director

Mathias André

Lightpost Director

CJ Lloyd Webley

Drama Practitioner

Robert Beck

Drama Practitioner

Natalie Hart

Drama Practitioner

Rebecca Reidy


Catering Director

Julian Raikes

Café Bar Supervisor

Mervi Raja
Samantha Richardson
Emile Thompson

Café Bar Team

Femi Cooper Clarke
Ana Patrycja Sarzyniak


Finance Director

Anne Russell

Finance Manager

Elizabeth Pearson-Hadley

Finance Officer

Jeanette Davey
Claire Monk
Athina Tzani

Marketing, Press and Fundraising

Director of Audiences and Media (Interim)

Erin McDonald

Marketing Manager

Richard Leigh

Senior Press & Digital Officer

Zeenat Moosa

Senior Marketing Officer

Becky Oldham

Marketing Officer

Faith Olajuyigbe

Marketing Assistant

Aarushi Rana
Susannah Shepherd

Agent For Change

Bethany Steventon-Crinks

Head of Fundraising

Rachel Cranny

Trusts and Foundations Manager

Ruth Harvey

Fundraising Officer

Katy McKeever

People and Operations

Director of People and Operations

Julia Layland

Theatre Administration Manager

Tracey Wainwright

Senior Administration Officer

Molly Taylor

Theatre Operations Manager

Nigel Cairns

Stage Door Receptionists

Michael Peters
Brandon Hinds
Anastasija Koneva

Theatre Housekeeper

Jane Browning

Theatre Cleaning Assistants

Fay Gayle
Tracey O'Dell
Beverley Shale
Steven Choma


Technical Director

Tomas Wright

Technical Manager

Adrian Bradley

Head of Production

Suzy Somerville

Head of Scenic Workshops

Margaret Rees

Head of Sound & AV

Jonathan Pearce

Sound Technician

Dee Smith

Head of Lighting

Alex Bosworth

Senior Lighting Technician

Joanne Marshall

Lighting Technician

Dean Bowyer

Stage Technicians

Oliver Hodge
Chris Moss
Rosie Williams

Building Maintenance Technician

Leon Gatenby

Production Assistant

Emily Hewlett

Head of Costume

Kay Wilton

Theatre and Sales

Head of Theatre and Sales

Gerard Swift

Theatre & Sales Assistant Manager

Hannah Kelly

Assistant Theatre Manager

Reme McAlister-Willie
Imaani Phillips
Jade Senior

Theatre and Sales Assistant

Ilana Gelbart
Somayya Sheikh
Lucy Slevin

Theatre Assistant

Taykara Clarke-Harris
Jenny Coombs
George Holmes
Gurpreet Kaur
Rosalie Smith
Kanas Wong

Unique Venues Birmingham

Commercial Director

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva

Sales Manager

Sarah Millington

Events Operations Manager

Samuel Bishop

Senior Events Manager

Natalja Bulgakova

Events Manager

Michael Exall
Karl Robins

Events Coordinator

Kirstie Warren

Sales Executive

Tanita Narwal