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It takes a lot of people to put on a show. Every single member of our team plays an important role in getting theatre from the rehearsal room onto our stages and into our communities.

You can find all of our staff members by clicking on the relevant departments. If you would like to get in touch, email in this format: or contact our Stage Door on 0121 245 2000.

Executive Director

Rachael Thomas

Executive Chair

Ian Squires

Executive Assistant

Kirandeep Fagura

Arts and Producing

Associate Directors

Iqbal Khan
Madeleine Kludje

Assistant Producer

Petra Jagusic

Freelance Producer

Sarah Page
Max Emmerson

Producing Coordinator

Simrun Sandhu

Producing Administrator

Ellie Pickering

Talent Development Producer

Sophie Skellern

Talent Development Administrator

Lia Gaynor

Resident Assistant Director

Alice Chambers

Director of Creative Learning

Alexander Summers

Head of Education

Bhavik Parmar

Head of Young Rep

Rebecca Deeks

Deputy Head of Education

Rebecca Reidy

Creative Learning Administrator

Rosalie Smith

Senior Drama Practitioner

Robert Beck

Drama Practitioners

William Costello
Jasmin Hylton

Audiences and Media

Directors of Audiences and Media

Sarah Jervis-Hill
Erin McDonald

Head of Marketing

Tim Hession

Senior Marketing Officer

Craig Russell

Marketing Officer

Charlotte Aikens

Communications Assistant

Aaliyah Collins

Interim Fundraising Director

Matt Freeman

Fundraising Officers

Richard Wood
Mahnoor Haq

Sales & Ticketing Managers

Hannah Kelly
Sarah Walker

Sales & Ticketing Assistant Manager

Amy Priest

Sales & Ticketing Assistants

Dan Hagley
Priya Kaur
Olivia Linley
Eric Mok
Muhibb Nazir
Nareece Taff
Fiona Yamamoto

Customer Experience

Commercial Director

Jenna Harvey

Customer Experience Manager

Jade Senior

Acting Café Bar Manager

Samantha Richardson

Café Bar Supervisor

Arrahnne Allen

Duty Manager

Sarah Walker

Customer Experience Assistants

Lily-Mae Brookes
Erin Butler
Alice Cheer
Morline Clarke
Janet Codling
Angus Coldicott
Jenny Coombs
Catherine Cunningham
Jonie Davis
Simona Dreseryte
Tyrelle Eastwood
Anne Farley
Ayishah Gitay
Emma Gregory
Sara Guedes
Dan Hagley
Stuart Hayes
George Holmes
Ruqayyah Iqbal
Ann King
Olivia Linley
Sam Anthony Margetts
Bethany Millns
Eric Mok
Oreoluwpo Obipehin
Oliver Parker
Reza Rajesh
Hamza Rehman
Emily Room
Marion Rose
Ewan Schooler
Kuraishya Shaikh
Dalvinder Singh
Alice Smith
James Spencer
Nareece Taff
Holly Ward
Nell Weston
Emily White

Café Bar Staff

Nicholas Barlow
Stephanie Carter
Chamandeep Kaur Chabra
Georgia Clarke
Harry Cox
Eleanor Duggan
Sandro El Sayed
Olivia Grant
Elza Loran
Vita Morris
Kaitlyn Newby
Charlotte Osborne
Logan Palmer
Zureena Russell
Anna Sarzyniak
Shunaid Sawyers
Jamial Spence
Lauren Weaver

Facilities and Operations

Facilities & Operations Director

Hamid Ghadry

Facilities & Operations Manager

Nigel Cairns

Building Maintenance Technician

Leon Gatenby

Stage Door Receptionists

Jonathan Arnold
Dan Hagley
Shannon James
Kimberley Musa
Imaani Phillips
Alexander Oakes

Housekeeping Supervisor

Jane Browning

Housekeeping Assistants

Alice Blackman
Sonjoy Choudhury
Marcus Elliman
Guy Essom
Fay Gayle
Christine Hoxha
Nana Mensah
Tracey O'Dell
Amy Proctor
Beverley Shale
Rajat Sthapit

Security Concierges

Kamran Ali
Mohamed Ibrahim


Finance Director

Irina Gorbunowa

Financial Controller

June Richards

Senior Finance Officer

Claire Monk

Finance Officers

Sanam Bansal
Tessa Jowitt
Jasleen Kaur
Nana Mensah


HR Manager

Tracey Wainwright

HR Officer

Jenny Coombs


Director of Productions

Suzy Somerville

Technical Manager

Adrian Bradley

Production Coordinator

Emily Hewlett

Production Assistant

Lucy Price

Company Manager

Elizah Jackson

Deputy Director of Production (Scenic Workshops)

Margaret Rees

Lead Scenic Constructor

Janine Forster

Construction Team Members

Mark Jeffery
Chris Maggs

Head of Technical Design

Simon Fox

Head Scenic Artist

Laura O'Connell

Paintshop Assistant

Jessica Whitty

Lead Prop Maker

John Bailey

Head of Wardrobe

Kay Wilton

Senior Wardrobe Technician

Wendy Anne Hart

Wardrobe Assistants

Beth Edgar
Leanne Taylor Richards

Head of Sound & AV

Jonathan Pearce

Senior Sound & Video Technician

Harry Barlow

Head of Lighting

Alex Bosworth

Senior Lighting Technician

Joe Ralph

Lighting Technicians

Joe Nicholls
Joshua Riches
Joseph Stairs

Head of Stage

Rosie Williams

Deputy Head of Stage

Chris Moss

Stage Technician

Leeza Hardy

Casual Technicians

Malik Awajan
Ryan Darby
Liam Dixon-Butler
Nick Hill
Kenny Holmes
Dee Smith
Ryker Young

Unique Venues Birmingham

Managing Director

Suzanna Reid Barreiro da Silva

Business Development Director

Sarah Millington

Hospitability Manager

Layo Oladejo

Sales Manager

Sigita Pjampite

Sales & Events Coordinators

Jordan Davidson
Tori Hodges

Operation Support Manager

Natalja Bulgakova

Guest Host & Administration Assistant

Leigh Wishart

Events and Technical Project Co-ordinator

Amy Tregellis


Josh Burnside

Hospitality Operations Manager

Barry Thorne

Hospitality Managers

Sophie Abrahall
Emily Kirby

Hospitality Assistants

Oluwadamilola Adegbola
Elif Aktan
Corey Baker
Lauren Bateman
Rachel Gordon
Olushola Lawson
Ismael Mahate

Back of House Supervisor

Christopher Gunn

Thank you to our Rep Volunteers


Arpan Banerjee
Tina Banerjee
Vivien Bennett
Neil Bradley
Carole Cox
Liz Cummings
Peter Cummings
Merry Davis
Sue Deeley
Maureen Edkins
Maggie Eggar
Dot Emm
Netta Ford
Sylvia Gill
Frank Gresham
Carole Gumbley
Ginny Hartley
Josephine Hastings
Linda Hisgett
Ann Howard
James Kelly
Karen Kelly
Bill Lane
Bob MacQueen
Angela Maloney
Carole McKeown
Heather Murdoch
Jenny Perry
Colin Pinfold
Jeanine Plain-Jones
Kasia Smith
Mel Smith
Shirley Smith
Edwina Turner
Jane Winder
Christine Wood