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Joe Lycett & Friends

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Join Joe Lycett (the comedian formerly known as Hugo Boss, formerly known as Joe Lycett) as he hosts a work in progress show introducing some of his fave acts from the comedy circuit. Expect brand new stuff that doesn’t work so never gets seen or heard again and stuff that does work a bit and that you might see on TV later down the line and can say, ‘I remember when he delivered this with the confidence of someone who has had gastroenteritis and is attempting their first fart’.

Joe Lycett & Friends is a fundraiser which will provide vital support for The REP, helping us to recover from the past 18 months and secure our future.



Please note this show is likely to contain swearing and material of an adult nature.

Fees & Charges

Please note there is a transaction fee of £2.50 on all transaction types. Click here to more information.

I am super exited to be able to perform at The Rep with my friends – who are also some of the UK’s funniest comedians. The past year has been very difficult for everyone working in the arts, but I am so glad that we can all get together, put on this show in my home city and that I can do my bit to help The Rep.” Joe Lycett

Sold Out