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SHOUT Festival and Birmingham Repertory Theatre are delighted to present a brand-new showcase of work-in-progress performances from the next generation of queer midlands theatre-makers.

Queer & Now offers midland-based artists the chance to develop and test out new performance ideas over an exciting evening showcasing the extraordinary skill of LGBTQIAP+ artists in the West Midlands in front of live-audience for the first time.

Join us for a packed evening full of new queer theatrical goodness, stand-up, live music, performance art, drag, who knows what else. The evening's performances will end with the premiere of ONE, a new short solo dance work from Adam Rutherford.

ONE highlights the experiences of a young working class male trying to rid the oppressive thoughts of shame whilst residing in the United Kingdom under a Conservative Government and their infamous Section 28 clause during the 1990s.

Line up includes:

ERINN DHESI - How To Find Your Future Queer Girlfriend!

Erinn Dhesi is a comedian and playwright, her #instagay faux Ted-Talk will teach you how to spot your future Queer girlfriend online. In a quick 10mins, you will realise whether you should slip into those DM's or go back to the drawing board (Tinder).

KATY KNIGHT - Something Ace
Kate Knight is a writer and performer based in Birmingham. Her experimental interactive performance-lecture, Something Ace, is an attempt to educate about asexuality, whilst allowing the audience the chance to engage further with the presenter if they wish. Something Ace unites the factual and the personal, script and improv, theory and lived experience. The piece offers a reminder that behind any '-ism' or '-ality', there is always a human being.

GINNY LEMON - Cosmic Cocktail

Ginny Lemon is a midlands-based artist, songwriter and drag queen. Cosmic Cocktail is part interactive audience spiritual seance, part 'piss take', and part queer grief counseling.

Encompassing a satirical take on showbiz evangelism through humor the show explores the ways that drag and spiritualism have helped Ginny to deal with personal tragedy.

TEDDY LAMB - Since U Been Gone
Teddy Lamb is performing their first solo show - Since U Been Gone with music performed and composed by artist Sad Queers Club (Nadia Vogel) who both identify as non-binary. Since U Been Gone is an exploration of friendship, grief & gender in the West Midlands. Following a relationship from childhood co-stars, through teenage rebellion, differing journeys to adulthood & beyond.

SEBBIE MUDHAI - Learn To Live In The Light
Sebbie is a spoken word artist, writer and producer from Coventry. Her poem "Learn To Live In The Light" is about challenging negative views on homosexuality and addressing the need for society to put people into boxes based on their attraction.

PROVISIONAL ACT - Life Is A Drag (King)
Worcester based Provisional Act Theatre Company - formed by Nicole and Victoria - always aim to look at real and pressing issues through the eyes of (dark) comedy. This time they are introducing Putit-in-Slow and Jew Von Hefty in "Life is a Drag (King) - nitpicking homophobia and toxic masculinity. Join us for a few moments of dramatic lip synching, dark poetry and bad ukulele playing in Romanian."

CARL SEALEAF - My Gender As A House

​Carl is a poet from Brum. They like words and technology and people. Their performance-poem explores what it is to be questioning. It is about invitations – how we invite and accept people into our homes and into our lives, and how we invite and accept possibilities, questions, and queerness, into our minds and bodies.

To see the full REP Foundry Festival 2018 programme, click here.

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