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Our REP Foundry Double Bills celebrate work from both our current REP Foundry artists and REP Foundry alumni. Two performances will take place each night, ticket price includes both shows.

Tuesday 20 November Dead Endings / Exhale
Wednesday 21 November Mr Muscles / Subtitled
Thursday 22 November Dead Endings / Made In India Britain
Friday 23 November Mr Muscles / BUTTERFLIES


Dead Endings
Written by Claire Thill
Directed by Foundry artist Beth Kapila

Dead Endings is a work in progress piece that explores what happens in the aftermath of a mental health crisis as a young woman tries to piece together the fragments of her life. The play powerfully examines the link between a life lived online and mental ill health and how the loneliness felt by one young woman leads her to be exploited and controlled by someone that she's never even met.

Character 1 Laurence Saunders
Character 2 Charis McRoberts


Assistant Director Alexandra Whiteley


Written and performed by Foundry artist Zeddie Lawal
Directed by Daniel Bailey

She's queer, Christian and carries a whole lot of baggage. Exhale is an autobiographical piece exploring her coming of age in the Diaspora, shining a light behind the scenes of the Pentecostal church as this pastor's kid goes on a journey of undoing, battling a faith that contradicts her sexuality, her expression and her existence. A solo show entwined with live music.

Movement Director Lanre Malaolu


Mr Muscles
Written by Sue Townsend
Directed by Foundry artist Finley-Rose Townsend

After their friendship abruptly ended six years ago, Willy and Johnny meet again. Johnny needs Willy to help him come to terms with losing his best friend and Willy needs Johnny to let him go.

Written by Sue Townsend and based on a true story, Mr Muscles is an intimate exploration of friendship and loss.

Will Corey Campbell
Johnny Dominic Thompson 

Assistant Director Lucy Macdonald


Written by Foundry artist Michael Southan
Directed by Madeleine Kludje

When fledgling artist, and music lover Claire finds out about her inherited deafness, the comprehension of her world, and those she's closest to is changed. Can she combine her two life passions, and an old record collection to find acceptance and the identity of her origins?


Made In India Britain
Written and performed by Foundry artist Rinkoo Barpaga
Directed by Daniel Bailey

Birmingham born Rinkoo Barpaga has moved around a lot trying to find somewhere to finally settle. Required to both tick the box, 'ethnic minority,' but also 'Deaf' he has been forced to constantly ask the question, "where do I belong?"

Made In India Britain is an insight into one man's life as he tries to fathom out exactly who he is as he delves deep into past experiences to try and find clues which will help him settle in his present and find a place he can finally call home. 

Movement Director Lanre Malaolu


Written and performed by Foundry artist Lorna Nickson Brown
Directed by Susan Lynch

BUTTERFLIES is one woman's autobiographical journey through cancer, and beyond. Supported by the voices of thyroid cancer patients across the world, this show examines the impact a cancer diagnosis can have on mental health.

Writer/performer Lorna Nickson Brown takes us along a path of self-discovery, asking what it means to be fearless and what it is to live a meaningful life. BUTTERFLIES is an exploration of both the complexities of cancer and what it is to be human.

An honest, life-affirming piece of theatre about connection, truth and the limitations of Amazon's Alexa.

Movement Director Lanre Malaolu

Presented in partnership with the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

To see the full REP Foundry Festival 2018 programme, click here.

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