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Rep Backstage Tours

For over 100 years, The Rep has transported audiences to new worlds or re-imagined the real world live on stage. Now you can venture backstage and discover how we do it! Join us behind the scenes to discover how huge theatre shows are made right here in Birmingham.

Follow in the footsteps of famous faces such as Alan Rickman, David Suchet and Lenny Henry and see the stage as they would. Visit the props room and wardrobe department to see how characters are brought to life. And journey into the paint room and workshop to see how show sets are made from scratch. You may even get to rub shoulders with an actor or two!

There’s lot to see and experience in a working theatre so tours last up to 90 minutes. Starting at 10.30am, it’s a great morning or afternoon out at just £7 per person.

Prices From

Adult £12, including a £5 donation to The Rep, or £7 without, and children under 16 £9, including 5 donation, or £4 without.

Photo credit, Graeme Braidwood

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