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Join us for a host of family favourites this year!

First Stage - Down In The Dumps
5 October

Bea is new in town. She's exploring the local scrap yard looking for things to build her dream rocket with when she stumbles across Stiggy in his den. Will they become friends and pull each other up from down in the dumps?

Part of BEDLAM Festival, Down In The Dumps is an interactive theatre performance that explores mental health with children and their families.

For ages 7+

How Does This Politics Thing Work Then?
26 October

Politics is boring. Politics is for adults. Rubbish! Politics is actually super important and can be made really fun.  
A show that keeps you entertained, engaged and informed so you can also shout at the telly along with your parents during Question Time!

Recommended for ages 6+

Peter Pan
30 November - 19 January 

A thrilling re-imagining.
Wendy and her little brothers are feeling lost. Separated from their mother, they've been sent to live in a flat high up above the city. Then one night, a remarkable flying boy arrives offering her an escape.
Following last year's acclaimed retelling of The Wizard Of Oz, director Liam Steel brings the classic Peter Pan story into the twenty-first century. This new Birmingham-set version will make you fall in love with the family favourite all over again.

Recommended for ages 7+

4 December - 14 December

When being different brings the most wonderful of surprises...
 is a unique and engaging show for children about friendship, fun, identity and the ever-changing meaning of family. This delightful new theatre and dance production is inspired by a true story reported in the New York Times that touched hearts worldwide.

For ages 3+

Search For The Second Star
19 - 21 December

To coincide with our Christmas production of Peter Pan, young people will be invited to fly with us to the second star and journey through a colourful and interactive environment full of beautiful sounds and delicious smells.

Search For The Second Star is an immersive theatre experience developed in partnership between The REP and Open Theatre Company and designed to engage young people,with learning disabilities including those with complex needs.

First Stages - Puss In Boots
14 - 15 February
Would you trust a talking cat? You never know, he might turn you from a pauper to a prince just like the hero of this story, brought to vivid life by Patrick Lynch from CBeebies.  With a host of puppets, a working windmill and an avalanche of fruit and nuts, come and see this classic furry tail, it's the cat's whiskers!

Cirque Berserk 
18-23 February
Britain's biggest theatre circus spectacular is back by popular demand!
Cirque Berserk! returns with all your favourite acts, and some thrilling new ones, all created especially for the theatre. Combining contemporary cirque style artistry with adrenaline fuelled stunt action, this astoundingly talented international troupe includes over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers and daredevil stuntmen

Giraffes Can't Dance
13 - 17 May
Now every year in Africa they hold the Jungle Dance, Where every single animal turns up to skip and prance. And this year when the day arrived, poor Gerald felt so sad, Because when it came to dancing, he was really very bad…

Gerald the Giraffe longs to go to the great Jungle Dance, but how can he join in when he doesn't know how to tango or twostep? Everyone knows that giraffes can't dance! But with a little help from a wise and kind cricket, Gerald discovers his rhythm – because sometimes when you're different, you just need a different song!

First Stages - Nori
26 May
Come and take trip to the seaside and meet Old Pete, the last resident of beautiful, Bonnie Cove.  He'd love to take you beach combing and tell you a tale or two.  Out at sea, Nori, a lonely creature from a far-away land, has been watching Pete and is about to arrive on the shore.  How will Nori share her story, and will they get along?

Recommended for ages 3-6.

First Stages - I Wish I Was A Mountain
28 - 29 May
On the day of the famous annual fair, the town of Faldum receives an unexpected visitor. A wanderer offers to grant a wish to anyone who wants one. Before long, the city is transformed. Mansions stand where mud huts once squatted, and beggars ride around in horse drawn carriages. And one man wishes to be turned into a mountain.

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