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BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham's international festival of arts returns this summer. Come and experience a diverse and exciting range of theatre, food and arts, whatever your taste. Make sure to choose the food option when booking to partake in our interval dinner on stage at The REP.

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Woman's Move
The Sensemaker

Contrasting music and spoken word in a chopped-and-spliced soundtrack, The Sensemaker is a story of managing expectations.

Smartly dressed, waiting beside the phone, we watch the protagonist of this one-woman show as she's slowly stretched to her limits. Straining to keep her tightly orchestrated routine in time, panicked looks and jerky motions appear, as dance steps are just about matched to a quick-switching backing track. Flipping between different languages and genres of music, she's gradually pushed to the limit. 

Running time: 30 minutes


Panama Pictures
Portraits and Short Stories

Using ropes, trampolines and daring acrobatics, this show explores the relationships binding families and different generations together.

Featuring six male performers aged 20 to 60, Portraits and Short Stories is a careful balancing act of shifting dynamics. Unpicking father-and-son relationships, it traces the lines bridging youthful bravado with quiet vulnerability. Moving at a steady, reflective pace, it finds touching insights into family ties and getting older. 

Running time: 30 minutes


Marco D'Agostin
Everything Is OK

A one-man show of cultural and sensory overload.

Fronted by Italian solo performer Marco D'Agostin, Everything Is OK combines spoken word, music and dance, challenging our ability to compute endless information. Recycling lyrics, postures and movements in different languages, and from vast, disparate corners of popular culture, the show jumps around at a breakneck speed. How much can we absorb before we're exhausted, or we can't pay attention any longer? 

Running time: 30 minutes


Casa Da Esquina
My Country Is What The Sea Doesn't Want

A story of Portuguese immigrants in the UK, we see a generation divided by the harsh reality of their homeland.

Based on interviews with individuals who've settled in the UK, this is also the personal story of writer-director Ricardo Correia. With the austerity measures implemented in Portugal following 2008's financial crisis, he is one of many young people who've moved abroad to try and find opportunities. Torn between staying or leaving, it explores an inner turmoil born of this particular set of circumstances. 

Running time: 30 minutes


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