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BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham's international festival of arts returns this summer. Come and experience a diverse and exciting range of theatre, food and arts, whatever your taste.

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Tom Cassani 
Someone Loves You Drive With Care 

Tom Cassani is a performance artist and a liar. A crafty specialist of deception, he questions our collective construction of truth and lies, often challenging the borders of his own body using blunt and scary looking objects akin to the classic sideshow stunts made famous in vintage US circus. His trickery and disposition for deceit is enabled by his remarkable sleight of hand exposing deceptive techniques. Professionally trained in prestidigitation, all Tom's work uses deceit as an artistic platform, exploring subjects of truth, honesty and manipulation. 

Please note this performance contains images that some people may find distressing.Age recommendation 16+

Running time: 30 minutes


Billinger & Schulz
Violent Event ˟

Violence permeates all areas of human existence, from the micro to the macro and is often closer to home that we care to admit. Five performers - using movement, dance, sound and text - discover how acts of physical aggression and the escalation of violence can both disturb and stimulate us. In doing so, they ask questions about our paradox boundaries between stage and the real world and challenge the notion of the theatre as a protected space. Billinger and Schulz create challenging tense work where society and the public are conceptually central and the body is the chief narrative tool.

Running time: 30 minutes


Hannah De Meyer 

Levitations is a landscape of thoughts. It's a darkroom. It's a remote cabin in the mountains, and everybody is silent. A one-woman show, spectators are invited into Hannah's universe of movement and poetry, where hope and despair, being and not being, sexuality, love and death rub shoulders. Hannah De Meyer graduated from the Maastricht Theater Academy in 2015 with Solace, for which she received the TAZ-Young Theater Award 2015. She seeks the extreme in her work, both in the stillness and in the meditative and in the shocking.

Running time: 30 minutes


This Work About The Orange 

Often unwittingly, when sat as a viewing audience member, we are part of a complex relationship with performer where we sit/enjoy/endure, speculate post performance and shape our opinions. Yet how many times have we wished we could step in? This sharp piece flips the coin with a focus on our shared experience. Led by Marco Chenevier and Alessia Pinto, we are treated to 'Clockwork Orange' aesthetics - the orange, the milk, the colour white - layered with bizarre interventions and an underlying narrative about the politicisation of the arts. A.L.D.E.S is an Italian Association of artists and cultural works run by  Roberto Castello. Marco Chenevier won the first prize at BE FESTIVAL in 2016 with Quintetto

Running time: 30 minutes 


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