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BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham's international festival of arts returns this summer. Come and experience a diverse and exciting range of theatre, food and arts, whatever your taste.

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Main Programme

Laboratorio de Acción Escénica Vladimir Tzekov
Guided tour inside a dance performance nº24

Imagine your dance-theatre experience came with a guide, like you'd just entered a museum or jumped on a city centre open-top bus. Three Spanish actors offer an alternative to the usual audience experience giving you a framework for your viewing pleasure that might make that jump into the unknown a little less confusing. Or ignore their step-by-step approach and their irony, be yourselves and let your senses take control. Subtle games and tools a-plenty, this laboratory is a cunning critique of the performative realisation of dance from a company, led by performer and director Manolo Bonillo, who are committed to ignoring old languages and schemas and building unique forms of expression.

Running time: 30 minutes


New Perspectives
Belgium / UK

Inspired by the ancient myth, Sisyphus is a multi-sensory performance that starts with a man and a block of wood. Performed by radical Belgian painter and performer, Thibault Delferiere, in collaboration with Sicilian musician Giuseppe Lomeo and UK director Jack McNamara, this intense performance uses the body, paint and brutal objects to explore the endless cycles of hope and failure. Controlled physicality and masterful command of atmosphere are hallmarks of this performance from one of Europe's most distinctive disabled artists.

Running time: 30 minutes


Early Ideas

Teatro En Vilo
Generation Why
Spain / UK

One performer confronts a simple but controversial question on stage: What do you want from the future?

The act of imagining different futures both possible and impossible, through a contemporary ritual that addresses the hopes, ambitions and fears of a generation; overwhelmed by their lofty dreams and expectations.

In their second show Teatro En Vilo comes back to the physical comedy, absurd humour and the ´self-referencial´ to deepen the mystery of the time we have left to live.

Running time: 15 minutes


Tom and Alaya
We Are Not A Couple

A fascinating perspective on 'couples' by circus performers Tom & Ayla who are regularly assumed as partners in life. This show lays out a map of success through acrobatic language. The pair create and perform together regularly in Germany and Holland.

Running time: 15 minutes


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