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BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham's international festival of arts returns this summer. Come and experience a diverse and exciting range of theatre, food and arts, whatever your taste. Make sure to choose the food option when booking to partake in our interval dinner on stage at The REP.

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BE Next

A younger generation find their voice.

Working together to create a physical theatre performance in just seven days and guided by two professional teachers, this annual tradition sees a talented group of youngsters taking to the stage. The curtain call for BE Festival 2017, it's a chance to see the next generation of performers.

Running time: 15 minutes


Plan-k / Filipe Lourenço
Homo Furens

Re-imagining the experience of soldiers' military training, Homo Furens is about pushing beyond what we thought we were capable of.

Drawing inspiration from Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket, this show sees the rigours and extremities of military existence expressed through dance. Led by esteemed choreographer Filipe Lourenço, it expresses soldiers' difficulties in balancing individual needs with those of their comrades. Considering the harsh, unrestrained conflicts which soldiers are prepared for, this show inspects the different responses to that. 

Running time: 30 minutes


Vicente Arlandis

A playful dialogue testing the limits of language.

Watching an extended conversation between the show's two characters, this piece gently probes the way we communicate with one another. Beginning with exchanges of simple noises and sound, the two characters move to phrases which are stated, repeated and re-formed. Speaking a mixture of Spanish and English, it aids the increasingly blurred sense of language. Turning words and idioms on their head, it's a comical window into our everyday idiosyncrasies. 

Running time: 30 minutes


Man Drake / Tomeo Vergés
Anatomia Publica
Spain / France

A story of strange, fractured relationships in the aftermath of war.

Returning from the army after being presumed dead, a soldier comes home to find his wife remarried. Performed in an intense style that bridges physical theatre and dance, a three-way relationship unfolds. Inspired by autobiographical details and by filmmaker Martin Arnold's work on mechanical breakdowns, jolts and short-circuits, the cast's movements are broken down into their constituent parts.

Appearing hysterical and obsessive-compulsive, they stutter and fidget, before suddenly freezing like statues. Founded in 1992, Man Drake put an absurdist spin on the everyday – this show is another example of that playful approach.

Running time: 60 minutes



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