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BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham's international festival of arts returns this summer. Come and experience a diverse and exciting range of theatre, food and arts, whatever your taste. Make sure to choose the food option when booking to partake in our interval dinner on stage at The REP.

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Claudia Catarzi
40,000 centimetri quadrati

Paring her movements down to the essential, Claudia Catarzi finds possibilities in a restricted space.

A patient exploration of the boundaries she's confined within, the audience is witness to her own discovery of her body's possibilities. Receiving accolades for previous solo shows Qui, ora and Sul punto, Claudia Catarzi has carved out her own distinct approach to dance.

Running time: 30 minutes


Odc Ensemble/Vyrsodepseio

Rejecting the flat, washed out image often painted of Greece's capital, this is an Athens that's bursting with life.

In REVOLT ATHENΣ, the three-piece, politically-minded cast offer insights into post-crisis Greece. In Odc Ensemble's unique city guide, activist communities are framed in terms of Greece's wider history; intertwined with figures of Greek mythology, there are tear gas-choked riots against government austerity cutbacks.

Combining actors, video footage and music, it's a multi-faceted window into the living and breathing reality of a place. 

Running time: 30 minutes

Please note the following trailer contains strong language and nudity.


Robin Boon Dale
What Does Stuff Do?

Using innovative juggling, physical comedy, and almost-philosophy to guide you through Robin Dale's mind and body of research.

Featuring pouring, ping pong, and a motivational speech delivered by a man in swimming trunks, this is a charmingly rhetorical debut show. Please, suspend for the next 30 minutes any scepticism about the value of the totally obvious. 

Running time: 30 minutes


Timothy and the Things
Waiting for Schrödinger

Translating scientific hypotheses into real-life connections.

Referenced in this show's title, Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment where an interpretation of quantum mechanics is applied to human interactions: based around a cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead, it's a state known as a quantum superposition.

This show puts that hypothesis into new contexts; colliding and interacting in a tense, slowly plotted arc of interrelated movements, the show's five dancers appear abstract and human at the same time. 

Running time: 30 minutes


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