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After the success and positive feedback from last year's debut lunchtime scratch session, BE Festival present three different 'works in progress' plus the winners of last year's session. At the end, we invite audience members to leave feedback for the artists to help with the shows future development.

Taking place at midday on Saturday in The DOOR at The REP. Arrive early and grab yourself some coffee and a cake.

Running time: 90 minutes


All the Voices 
UK & Greece

Back by popular demand as winners of last year's Early Ideas competition, this eccentric sister-duo will be showcasing the toil of their awarded residency that began a week in advance of this year's festival. Like siblings the world around, Eirini and Angelina Kartsaki have been 'collaborating' for many years, inventing games which could be played anywhere, at any time, in any context. During the summer of 2014 they decided to share these games with other people and the Tante& Tante (Aunties) project was born. Child's play, antagonism and forgiveness all collide posing questions about the the sibling dynamic. The 15 minute run out last year was laugh-out-loud funny but what lies ahead is anyone's guess.

Running time: 30 minutes


Lewys Holt

Phrases is an exploration of common sense, catchphrases and confusion alongside semi-improvised dance, both of which are interrogating fragmentation and structure. Lewys's practice focuses on dance, but spans comedy, visual arts and devised theatre.

Running time: 15 minutes


Paul O'Donnell
We've Got Each Other

We've Got Each Other is a full scale Bon Jovi musical that is entirely imagined by the audience, exploring the pomp and circumstance of the modern juke-box musical. Paul O'Donnell is a solo theatre maker who exposes the 'ordinary' in a 'spectacular' fashion.

Running time: 15 minutes


Lucia Guarino

Winner of the Presente/Futuro Festival at Teatro Libero di Palermo, Lucia Guarino presents a one-woman show that plays with the idea of moving from the private space to the public and that courageous moment of taking the jump from the virtual precipice of the unknown.

Running time: 15 minutes


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