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Level Up: Music Specials

08 May 17 - 07 Jun 17
The ever-popular Level UP returns with two music specials...

Spy School 2017

07 Aug 17 - 11 Aug 17
Hello Secret Agent...
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09 Nov 17 - 11 Nov 17
We don't want you to think for a second we're not giving 110%, giving you a mathematical impossibility of ourselves, a number invented for us...
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26 Oct 17 - 28 Oct 17
Jay is dead. His partner Lenni is desperately trying to remember what caused the accident. Her memory hasn't been so reliable lately but with the help of the little girl next door...
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The Golden Dragon

03 Oct 17
Set in a Chinese restaurant found in any city anywhere, The Golden Dragon is a compelling fable of modern life. At the heart of this East-meets-West tale, is the discovery of a decayed tooth in a bowl...
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And The Rest of Me Floats

13 Nov 17 - 14 Nov 17
Are you a girl or a boy...
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Baby Daddy

02 Nov 17 - 04 Nov 17
The day I've been dreading arrives. All the answers I have prepared go out of my head when she asks me, “Where's my Daddy?&rdquo...
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17 Nov 17 - 18 Nov 17
The stage is set for a gig - a microphone, a bank of speakers and smoke hanging in the air. A figure in an extraordinary gown emerges from the shadows. This is Medea – returned to tell us her...
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20 Oct 17 - 21 Oct 17
Blurring the lines between live art, dance, theatre and fine art, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein explores representations of women, looking at ways in which social media and consumerism have...
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5 SOLDIERS: The Body Is The Frontline

13 Oct 17 - 14 Oct 17
A thrilling and humane portrait of army life telling the stories of five men and women serving on the front line. Kay's trademark intense physical and athletic dance theatre...
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Faulty Towers The Christmas Dining Experience

08 Dec 17 - 21 Dec 17
This globetrotting show is truly quite legendary, selling out in places like Edinburgh Fringe, Raffles Singapore and Sydney Opera House. In this, its 20th birthday year, it returns to The REP but be...
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Monologueslam November 2017

24 Nov 17
The industry showcase for actors returns for Autumn 2017. Following a lengthy audition process, a selection of actors (including a youth round for 11-18 year olds), go head-to-head to perform for a...

Backstage Tour: General

15 Sep 16 - 17 Jun 17
Fascinated by what goes on behind the scenes, the history of the theatre and the shows we create? Enhance your trip with some of our additional offerings. See things from a different perspective...

Backstage Tour: Family

03 Dec 16 - 24 Jun 17
During the school holidays we are inviting children to explore our theatre with a fun-filled family tour...
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First Stages - Mr Silly Pancake And The Land Of Cake And Biscuits

09 Dec 17 - 10 Dec 17
Mr Silly Pancake has a dream.He longs to be the first pancake on the moon...