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31 May 18 - 02 Jun 18
Somehow human trafficking is still happening. Women are being coerced into an excruciating existence because of dated doctrines. Why are they being forced to uphold the very patriarchal ideas that...

Dark Corners

23 May 18 - 26 May 18
I'm messy. Always have been...

The String Quartet's Guide To Sex And Anxiety

12 May 18 - 19 May 18
That which others hear or read of, I felt and practised myself; they get their knowledge by books, I mine by melancholising. Robert Burton...

Our Country's Good

23 May 18 - 02 Jun 18
Both a comedy and a powerful drama, Our Country's Good shows us how we can escape the chains that bind us...

The Drill

02 May 18 - 05 May 18
Breach investigates rehearsals for the future – taking a theatrical look at safety drills and emergency response training. Mashing up documentary film and devised theatre, The Drill ...


17 May 18 - 19 May 18
When truth threatened my life, I told a lie&hellip...

Pyar Actually

08 May 18 - 12 May 18
A sparkling new comedy by Sukh Ojla...

Monologueslam 2018

18 May 18
The industry showcase for actors returns for Spring 2018. Following a lengthy audition process, a selection of actors (including a youth round for 11-18 year olds), go head-to-head to perform for a...


26 May 18
One night tiny Tom overhears Mum and Dad talking - there's nothing left to eat so they are going to leave him and his six brothers in the forest! Outwitting his parents and the ogre Tom shows...
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