The REP aims to make theatre more affordable for everyone and prices for most of our productions start at just £10 or £15.

We offer a percentage of seats at these low prices as an alternative to standard concessions. These seats are available for anyone to book so if you love theatre but have limited means, we recommend you secure your seats as early as possible.

REP Memberships
The best way to help you to guarantee the best seats is to join one of our four membership schemes – REP Club, REP Club Family, Preview Club and Preview Club Max. Each scheme offers a priority booking period alongside a host of other benefits to help you to save money, keep up to date with all the latest news and discover more about how our productions are brought to life.Click here for more information.

Access Register
Members of our Access Register will also be able to make use of the priority booking period and discounts on accessible performances. If you are Deaf or disabled (or book on behalf of someone who is), you can join the register by calling the Box Office on 0121 236 4455. The Register also offers accessible publicity and complimentary companion seats for those who require it.

Families And Groups
To help make theatre more affordable when bringing larger groups, we offer discounts for families and groups for the majority of our shows. Family groups of 2 to 7 can now save 15% off the price. (NB: Family groups must contain at least one person under the age of 14.) Groups of 10+ can save 10%, 15+ can save 15% and groups of 50+ can save 20% when booking for the majority of our productions.

Tickets start at just £13 for students from schools that are signed up for our free REP ED membership scheme and we offer a free teacher place for every 15 tickets booked.

Director’s Choice
We have paired up shows that we feel complement or contrast with each other to create a more thrilling viewing experience. Book for both at the same time and receive a £5 discount on the cost of each ticket. Look out for these shows in our What’s On section.

Standing Room Only
When a performance sells out, The REP may decide at its discretion to release a small number of standing room only tickets at a reduced rate. Call 0121 236 4455 for details of applicable shows.