Four Cities Four Stories

We’re asking ten questions on the theme of Europe as part of Four Cities, Four Stories, a collaboration between theatres in the UK, Germany, Poland and Croatia to create a unique production revealing varying attitudes towards Europe across the continent to tour in 2013. The project is funded with support from the European Commission.

These questions are an opportunity for our audiences to contribute to the creation of a new piece of theatre and to take part in a discussion that is currently taking place amongst European theatre lovers in four different countries. Why not tell us what you think? There’s no right or wrong answers and you don’t have to answer them all.

The Questions

1. What three rules would you say Europeans live by?
2. If you had to build a temple for Europe what would it be constructed from?
3. Congratulations you get to host European Come Dine With Me: what will your three course menu be?
4. The European Constitution is reduced to one sentence. What is it?
5. ‘A Day For Europe’: what when and where?
6. When do you feel European?
7. How can Europe survive?
8. Who controls Europe? Who should control Europe?
9. How would you explain the European crisis to a child?
10. You have won a weekend break in Dresden, Bydgoszc or Zagreb, which one will you choose?

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