Creating Theatre Goers Of The Future

Creating Theatre Goers Of The Future

Hundreds of babies born at two Birmingham hospitals this week are being given the chance of a lifetime – free theatre until they are ten years old.

The exciting project, REP’s Children, is run as part of our centenary celebrations. All babies born in City and Heartlands hospitals during The REP’s 100th birthday week (February 11 – 17) will be offered a free theatre experience every year for the first ten years of their lives.

The project will begin with the newborns and their families making their first visit to the newly reopened theatre in October 2013, for a brand new theatre production called Open House, an interactive and sensory show created especially for babies. REP’s Children aims to engage families and children with theatre, and create a lifelong relationship between local people and The REP.

The first REP’s Children project was launched in October 2004 at City and Sandwell Hospitals and The REP now have 140 REP’s Children families who regularly attend events and performances at The REP.

Cathy Rollins, The REP’s Learning and Participation Manager says of the project:

“We’re really excited to be able to re-launch the REP’s Children project. Our original REP’s Children are now eight years old and thanks to the project many of them and their families are now regular theatre goers who are comfortable visiting The REP and whose opinions and preferences have shaped the way that we work with families and children.

REP’s Children is a wonderful opportunity for the theatre to give something back to the people of Birmingham. We hope that by launching REP’s Children during our 100th birthday week we can create theatre goers for the future during this landmark anniversary.

We’re hoping that our new REP’s Children will grow up with the same love of theatre and that the experiences that we offer them will help them in their development. To share a birthday with The REP means that the babies will have an extra special bond with us and we’re looking forward to spending the next ten years and beyond in their company!”

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