Dozens of coats donated in charity drive

Dozens of coats donated in charity drive

We encouraged theatre-goers to give something a little different this Christmas. As part of a unique project, our audiences were encouraged to donate a coat to someone who needs it more.

Coat Tales, a project devised by actor and writer Bernadette Russell whose new play 366 Days Of Kindness opened at The REP on Tuesday, asked for coats to be donated for two local charities, St Basil’s and SIFA Fireside. Each donor was encouraged to write a letter to the person who was to receive the coat and leave it in the pocket.

Bernadette Russell, creator of 366 Days of Kindness says of the project:
“Coat Tales began when I started putting letters into the pockets of things I was donating to the charity shop. I wanted to give to charity, and in doing so, make a real connection with the person who might receive my donation.

During the development of my play 366 Days of Kindness I found that people wanted to give to charity but felt that they are giving to an organisation rather than an individual person. In receiving a coat through Coat Tales I hope that the new owner feels like they have been given something in generosity, rather than rejected and thrown away.”

Dozens of coats were donated to The REP in the week before Christmas and will now be donated to local charities, St Basil’s and SIFA Fireside.

Anne Morton, Fundraising Officer at St Basil’s:
“There were some fantastic donations of coats and this is such a lovely idea. It makes the donation a lot more personal; that someone loved that coat and they want those receiving it to love it too. Our young people will really appreciate it.”

Coat Tales has largely been organised by the Young REP, The REP’s youth theatre. A team of young people managed the donation of coats and created a display with them in the theatre’s foyer.

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