Young REP tackle new skills

Young REP tackle new skills

Our Youth Theatre Director, Tom, fills us in on the activities of our youth theatre, The Young REP…

On Saturday, the Young REP completed an exciting term-long project that has seen them thinking outside of the box and experimenting with new theatre techniques. The Discovery term aimed to diversify the styles of theatre-making covered within The Young REP by working with guest artists and our team of Young REP Directors. The young people spent four weeks in carousel trying out the new techniques before choosing an option to work on for the rest of the term.

The projects were:

Through the discovery of abandoned objects the performers explored the journey of a couple on the final 5 years of their relationship. When normal people are caught in extraordinary times is there a purpose to falling in love?

Grime Oedipus with guest artist Deci4life
The group created a modernised and lyrical version of Oedipus by exploring different ways of creating grime poetry/rap.

The Bench
This project was a physical mask theatre piece focusing in on the moments you normally walk past; the moments that come and go in spaces we find familiar.

‘Drama, Dance & Drums with guest artist Jag Kumar
This project fused Punjabi dances and drumming with our existing performance skills to tell a love story that overcomes the odds to end (as all good Bollywood romances do) in a colourful celebration.

This has been an excellent way to help our young people step outside of their comfort zone and learn exciting new skills.

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