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1917: wounded soldiers injured in the Great War are nursed in a Birmingham hospital.

Now times have changed and 94 years on the injured soldier being treated in the same military hospital is Kate Mulligan, a Combat Medical Technician. Wracked with guilt that she caused her own injuries and the life threatening injuries of another soldier who tried to save her, Kate begins to experience strange goings on.

Perhaps it’s the shock or maybe, just maybe Kate really can see and hear Private Alfred Seddon.

The two soldiers, a century apart, remember and revisit their experiences, allowing them to explore their trauma and help each other recover. Emotional, heartfelt and intriguing, Wounded is a ghostly story, of two people coping with the aftermath of trauma.

This site-specific new play will be performed at the Territorial Army Field Hospital in Kings Heath, Birmingham, providing audiences with an unbelievably authentic experience of war time care and history like no other theatrical experience.

Wounded is supported by the Wellcome Trust Arts Awards Engaging Science grant, which funds projects that explore biomedical science and its social contexts.

Music by Matthew Williams and Matt Gray Sound


“Wounded is a thought-provoking drama” Behind The Arras

“Emma Rollason is spot on as the repentant medical officer trying to piece things together” Virtual Shropshire

“Some of Alfie’s reflective monologues are really quite lyrical and reminiscent of some of the fine poetry of that conflict” The Public Reviews

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TA Centre, Kings Heath

  • Address: Dawberry Fields Road, Birmingham, B14 6NY
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