A long distance race. Real time. Follow one runner, alone with his thoughts.

Colin is defiant. A young rebel, inhabiting the no-man’s land of detention centres and young offenders’ institutes, as his steady running rhythm transports him over a harsh frost bitten earth.

Set in 2012, the play exposes the beating heart of a nation, still broken and still divided across class lines. Using 3D visuals incorporated into an exciting design, we follow Colin’s race, unpicking his thoughts and becoming part of his journey.

Adapted by BAFTA winning and Olivier Award nominated playwright Roy Williams OBE (Sucker Punch, Fallout, Sing Yer Heart Out For The Lads), this gritty adaptation of Alan Sillitoe’s classic text hits the ground running; unlocking the biting realism of the original book while placing the drama firmly in a contemporary frame.


“Playwright Roy Williams sticks faithfully to the outline of the original story but brings it brilliantly bang up to date.”
Star Star Star Star
The Independent

“A great theatrical coup” that “maintains the integrity of Sillitoe’s original story.”
Star Star Star Star
The Guardian

“Sometimes a performance can be described as muscular, energetic, powerful. Elliot Barnes-Worrell, over five punishing kilometres, makes any future use of those adjectives redundant hyperbole. Not only is it a heartfelt, angry, singular performance, but by actually running approximately five kilometres on a brilliant, ingenious set that incorporates a strip of floor that becomes a treadmill during the performance, he makes it also a stunning physical feat.”
Yorkshire Post

“Sillitoe would have approved.”
British Theatre Guide

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