Stop watch is set; we hear the ‘tick, tick, tick’

Ready? Steady?

Geared up, raring to go, Hare is in training at the starting line, alert… waiting…

Who is the fastest, the best?

Old clock chimes; we hear ‘the tick and the tock’

Slowly does it, taking it easy.

Tortoise is planning winter hibernation, poised with pen and paper, pondering… resting… zzzz

Steady as you go, steady as you go…

Meet two competing friends in this new fantastic adaptation of Aesop’s fable; a story about racing, opposites, time and friendship. From sun-shining spring to snow-falling winter, tutti frutti brings you this much loved story brimming with ideas, characters, live music and wonderful physicality.

The Hare and Tortoise in the greatest race on earth with a nail biting, seconds ticking, medal winning end…

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The Library Theatre

  • Address: Paradise Place Birmingham, B3 3HQ
  • Box Office: 0121 303 2868

Part of First Stages 2011

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Just wondered what age group this show is suitable for?



Hi Rachel. It's aimed at children aged 3+.