On the corner of a very big, uninteresting roundabout, there sits a very small, interesting library. And in this interesting library are hundreds and thousands of stories. Stories about good times and bad times, about the old times and times yet to come. But, nowhere, in any book, on any shelf, is there a story about the library itself… until now!

After more than 100 years of gifting stories to its book-borrowers, the book-borrowers are giving some stories back. With the help of award-winning storyteller, Peter Chand, toddlers and mums, local primary school children and an over 60s reading-group have been sharing and creating their own stories for you to discover in the library.

Join the Spring Hill Story Seekers for an imaginative journey around one of Birmingham’s most iconic community libraries.

Springhill Stories is part of Neighbourhood REP – a project which sees The REP bringing theatre to six local libraries across the city.

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Spring Hill Library

  • Address: Icknield Street, Birmingham, B18 7BH

Part of Neighbourhood REP

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