Welcome to our house! Our doors are open for you and your baby!

Open House invites the very young to discover our house; the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom.

Experience interactive performance, music, puppets and other surprises.

Our Open House is very informal. You can wander around the house as quickly or as slowly as you like, and if you need to take time out for doing those things that babies need to do, you can.

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“Open House, provides a sensitively-pitched introduction to performance art by drawing on elements of universal appeal for small people. There’s singing, banging, shaking, splashing and imaginary play.”
Busy Parents Network

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Part of First Stages 2013

Past events in this season

The Snowman (2014)

Featuring the classic song Walking In The Air

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

A beautiful wintery tale for children


Tantalisingly tasty tales for ages 3-5

Hansel & Gretel

An interactive experience for children

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