“Judy’s my mom. It’s an understatement to say she’s a bit of a hippy. I mean who else but a New Ager calls their baby ‘Philosophy Rainbow’? I try to go by ‘Sophie’.”

Sophie and Calliope have never been to school. Their mum ran away from home when she was seventeen to join the New Age movement and the girls have been raised in Goa, San Francisco and Morroco at a series of ashrams, communes and impromptu raves.

Then one day Sophie gets ill and the family has to return to Birmingham. Sophie and Calliope are introduced to a strange new world where meditation and tree-hugging are replaced with Maths homework and television. They’re also introduced to Daphne: the grandmother that the girls have never met. And it’s against this bewildering new backdrop – the normality she’s always longed for – that Sophie must come to terms with her own mortality.

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  • Address: Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH
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  • Box Office: 0121 446 3232

Clwyd theatre cymru

  • Address: Mold, Flintshire , CH7 1YA
  • Box Office: 0845 330 3565

The New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

  • Address: The New Wolsey Theatre, Civic Drive, Ipswich, Suffolk , IP1 2AS
  • Box Office: 01473 295900

The Artrix, Bromsgrove

  • Address: The Artrix, School Drive, Bromsgrove, Worcs, B60 1AX
  • Box Office: 01527 577330

The North Wall, Oxford

  • Box Office: 01865 319450

Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton

  • Address: Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1SE
  • Box Office: 01902 321 321

Harrow Arts Centre

  • Box Office: 020 8416 8989

The Royal Exchange, Manchester

  • Address: Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann’s Square Manchester , M2 7DH
  • Box Office: 0161 833 9833
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Hi there, just saw this today, is it a show for kids or for adults? Just wondering because it sounds interesting but didn't seem to be targeted at my age audience. Thanks, carl

Hi Carl, this play is best suited to adults and older children.

Would you know the running time for this show?

Hi Simon, it's only just gone into rehearsals, so I can't give a definite run-time yet, but I'd estimate it'll be around the hour and a quarter mark.

What is it about the production that makes it more suitable for older children? Thanks Melanie

Hello Melanie, the play contains some strong language.

Great production. Left crying. Wonderful cast. Well done.

I watched "Notes to Future Self" last evening, at the MAC. What a very powerful and moving play! The stage was bare bar a few items but this is a story that needs no scenery or props - it speaks for itself. It's thought-provoking, emotive and a production that's very much worth experiencing for oneself. If you haven't seen it yet - GO! You won't be disappointed!!!

Well done, The Birmingham Rep! And the venue was my first visit since the MAC re-opened. Fabulously modern and a real treat to be there.

This was an amazingly powerful production and all four of the cast gave brilliant performances but Imogen Doel was outstanding. Loved the intimacy of the Mac theatre too. The next two years will be very exciiting

Saw this last night - 9 March. Brilliant play. Superb casting. Sophy produced a totally believable performance - well done you! The sensitive treatment of a young death in the family is incredibly powerful and extremely thought provoking. Can't wait for Lucy's next play. Good luck on your tour. Not enough superlatives to describe this production.

Excellent play. It was very moving and surprising. The central performance clearly required tremendous energy and memory but was delivered almost faultlessly. A great cast. The play raised a number of issues that are rarely discussed.

Saw this with my 13 year old daughter on Saturday at the MAC. Some aspects of play a little old for her but very thought provoking for both of us. We were a home ed family until a few months ago and both thought Lucy had got the family dynamics of this spot on. Daughter bought a copy of the script and read it that evening at school, first play she had read through so new experience for her. Might go and see play again in Ipswich this week with rest of family but will take more tissues this time!
A good one for anyone beginning a career in care of children or teenagers with life limiting illnesses to see, gives a good understanding of everyones grief, anger and acceptance.

I thought this was a wonderful play. Imogen was fantastic. The facial expressions throughout really gave you the feel of a young girl and both my husband and I found her mesmerising from the first word. Thankyou for putting this play on. We often go to the theatre and I feel lucky to live in Birmingham where we have access to all these wonderful theatres.

Just come in from seeing Notes to Future Self. One of the best plays my husband and I have seen in a long time. All the cast were fantastic and Imogens portraial of a young girl together with all the facial expressions were wonderful. Very funny and moving. I wish I had had tissues with me as tears filled my eyes on more than one occasion.
Well done everyone and thank you.

this sounds exciting my school is putting this on