Lisa Dwan will perform Not I alongside two other Beckett classics Footfalls and Rockaby, directed by Walter Asmus.

Beckett’s Not I is an intense monologue, set in a pitch-black space lit by a single beam of light. A disembodied female mouth floats eight feet above the stage and delivers a stream of consciousness, spoken, as Beckett directed, at the speed of thought. Lisa Dwan was tutored in the role by Billie Whitelaw, who originally performed the part at its 1973 UK premiere and was personally coached for the part by Beckett himself.

Rockaby is probably the most famous of Beckett’s last works. It explores loneliness and features a prematurely old woman dressed in an evening gown, sitting on a wooden rocking chair that appears to rock of its own accord. Rockaby was first performed in New York in 1980 starring Billie Whitelaw and then at the National Theatre in 1981.

Footfalls features May, wrapped in tatters, pacing back and forth like a metronome, on a strip of bare landing outside her dying mother’s room. Footfalls was first performed by Billie Whitelaw, for whom the piece had been written, at the Royal Court Theatre as part of the Samuel Beckett Festival, in 1976 directed by Beckett himself.


“The experience is profound and deeply moving. Lisa Dwan makes the pieces entirely her own with a rapt concentration that holds the audience throughout.”
The Telegraph

“An extraordinary hour-long experience that feels more like a group hallucination… totally gripping… unforgettable”
The Independent

“Performer and audience are all in this together… there is a sense of terror and yet also of defiance”
The Guardian

“A mesmerising, heart-wrenching, humane and terrifying triple bill”
The Metro

“Even if you already know the high concept of Not I… that can’t prepare you for the sheer thrill of it. Is it like nothing else in theatre… It’s exhilarating”
The Times

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP
  • The REP’s newest auditorium. The STUDIO seats 300 people. Wheelchair seating is available.

    The STUDIO is a highly flexible performance space and stands by the entrance to the Library Of Birmingham.

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
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