A major new production of Michael Frayn’s fantastic comic romp is set to raise The REP’s roof with laughter this Spring.

This multi award-winning classic British comedy has been enjoyed by millions since it premiered in 1982. Offering two plays for the price of one, Noises Off promises one of the funniest nights you’ll spend at the theatre!

On the eve before the opening of the traditional farce, Nothing On, a real life farce develops backstage during the final rehearsal which continues throughout the show’s disastrous tour. Whilst the riotous fun onstage is happening, equally explosive events begin offstage.

The actors make their exits from Nothing On, only to find themselves making entrances into the farcical goings-on backstage, and back again.

Amid such confusions, will they ever make it to the end of the show?

Noises Off is directed by Olivier Award nominee Ian Talbot, and has an all star cast including Brigit Forsyth, well known for her role as Thelma in the classic BBC comedy Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads and most recently in the West End production of Calendar Girls.

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP, West Midlands, England
  • The main auditorium at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
  • Phone: 0121 245 2000
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saw the play in london about 17 years ago, we still laugh and talk about the hilarious evening. real entertianment a classic, must see......

Hurrah! I am a Noises Off "groupie" and have seen about 10 different productions of this hilarious masterpiece to date. Birmingham here I come!

Stark a newly formed fledgling drama group just performed
act one + two from this play.

We are on our way to see your professional performance and learn and laugh some more. Carole aka Poppy...

I also saw it in London at the Savoy Theatre about 20 years ago. I think Philip Bird starred in it. I laughed from start to finish! Saw it again in Birmingham 10(?) years ago. Can't wait to see it again.

I saw this play at the comedy theatre in London a few years ago and loved it! Fab comedy farce, looking forward to seeing it again!

When I was studying in Birmingham 7 years ago, I caught Noises Off at The Rep twice and the performances rank among the top 5 of all the theatre productions I've caught. It was a real laugh-till-you-roll-in-the-aisles evening that warranted revisiting time and again. Wish I were there.

Are there preview tickets for "noises off" as mentioned in flyer ?

Hi Lynda - thank you for your message. Preview performances for Noises Off are on 14, 15 & 17 May, and tickets for these performances cost between £10-£17 depending on where you choose to sit. (Tickets for none-preview performances cost between £12-£32 depending on which performance it is and where you choose to sit. I hope this information helps.

I am going to the Birmingham Rep performance in May, and would like to know whether this is the 1982 or 2000 version.

Hi Linda - glad to hear that you're coming to see the show! It's the version which was written for the National Theatre in 2000.

I, too, saw the original production of, "Noises Off", in London around the early 1980s when it was produced in three acts with two intervals at, I believe, the Savoy Theatre. I think it worked better then instead of the 2000 National Theatre production in two acts with the second having the two scenes. I not only saw that production but another, as well, at Theatre Mold only last year. I think the latter was, dare I say it, better than the National's in being slicker. I certainly remember laughing more.

In the original London production a plate of sardines was actually thrown across the stage and caught by one of the actors. That has to be near the top of the list of my funniest moments in the theatre and I am talking of fifty years of theatre going, here. That single episode has remained firmly implanted in my memory ever since. I will never forget the howl of laughter that went up from the audience. It must have stopped the show at every performance.

Can Birmingham Rep resurrect the sardine throwing, please? It is a beautiful piece of theatre and would richly enhance the new production!

Good luck with the production; I am confident that I shall make the two hour journey from Clun to Birmingham to see it one evening. It really is a funny play; farce at its best played straight.

Hey! Isn't Paul Farnsworth the guy who designed the stunning production of Sweeney Todd at the Leicester Haymarket?

Hi Howard - you're quite correct about Sweeney Todd - and Paul's design for Noises Off is looking fantastic too! And Tim thanks for your great comments - it sounds like you're a seasoned Noises Off fan so I hope our production lives up to your expectations - I'm thrilled that you're travelling to see the show.

What is the running time for the evening performance of Noises Off - as I am travelling quite a long way it would be useful to know when it ends. I can't see this info anywhere on the site. Thanks

Just arrived home from watching Noises Off! for the first time and cant take the smile off my face! Exquisite set design, brilliantly scripted and delivered with real quality. Loved every moment of it!

Hi Christine thanks for your message - Noises Off runs for approximately 2 hours 25 minutes including one interval.

Took my family last night to see the show and we have not stopped laughing since. An excellent performance and one that we all thoroughly enjoyed. I have not laughed as much at a show before (and I thought The 39 Steps couldn't be topped) and still smile to myself just thinking about it. I will treat myself to another performance before the end of the run, tickets permitting. Another excellent production Birmingham REP; thank you very much.

We saw Noises Off on Saturday 15th May - absolutely hilarious. I am still tittering to myself.

Fabulous evening's entertainment with a fantastic cast.

Going to watch Noises off on Friday. Looking forward to it. I've heard such great things about the production. all the performances that i have watched from the rep have been amazing so bring on noises off!

Saw the show last night.I have never laughed so much at any show i have been to.What a fantastic night!i have never been a big fan of farce but this was a top quality show performed by a top quality cast.
Thank you all those involved.

I saw this show on 20th may with my husband. We enjoyed it very much. It was very funny with a great cast. I will definitely be booking to see more plays at the Rep!

Talk about a realy old fashioned romp! My head and throat were aching from laughing. The timing from all the acors involved was brilliant.

Thanks for an eveing of REAL humour.

I first saw Noises Off about 20 years ago at the Alex and laughed until I ached. I and my husband watched the matinee on 22nd of May and thoroughly enjoyed it - the cast were brilliant, the timing perfect and it was so funny that we snorted with laughter. Congratulations to all involved.

This is the third time I have seen Noises Off but still find it as funny as ever.
Came for the Thursday matinee and went home breathless and laughing how they manage to do it twice I do not know. Just fabulous!!

Is there any way i can download the song that plays throughout the play??? :D

Saw Noises Off on 26th May, it was absolutley brilliant. Me, my friend from school and our mums came, we were all crying with laughter! It is a super show, and would love to see it again! thoroughly enjoyed it! Best Wishes to the Cast and production team, a very clever and funny show!

Thanks all for your fantastic messages about Noises Off - we're so proud of the production and so it's great to hear that you've all enjoyed it so much. In answer to Hannah's question - the music used is called 'Spanish Flea' by Herb Alpert, and it's available on iTunes, Spotify etc. Be warned though - it gets in your brain and once it's there it never leaves!!

I saw the video years ago and couldn't resist seing this at the Rep. Superb performances and the slickest timing imaginable. Congrats to all

10 of us came on the last night as I'd seen a previous production at the Rep years ago - it was just as I remember it- slick, fast and furious - and we are still talking about it!! Well done to the whole cast