“Where do you meet people? Where are people meeting each other? Pubs? The gym? The supermarket?

I’ll tell you where.

If you haven’t met someone by the time you graduate, you’re going to marry some idiot from your work. It’s that simple. Do you know how they get animals to breed in captivity? They put them in the same cage.”

Office romances are tricky. One moment you’re colleagues, then a quick grope after Friday night drinks and suddenly you’re in a relationship. Tom and Amy work in the same building, but that’s about all they have in common. When they get together after an office social, they find themselves living in each other’s pockets. But it’s not their lack of chemistry that’s the problem: it’s that neither of them can quite get over their childhood sweethearts.

2010 Scotsman Fringe First Award Winner
My Romantic History comes to The REP direct from critical acclaim at The Edinburgh Festival.

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP
  • The small studio theatre at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
  • Phone: 0121 245 2000
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Absolutely brilliant - went to see this on opening night and thought it was excellent. Well observed comedy (with its bitter sweet moments)about work and relationships and a great performance by the cast.

I loved the performance, which I found to be so real with a good sense of humour. Great acting!

Went to see My Romantic History yesterday after reading review in the Telegraph arts pages. It was absolutely fantastic. The cast, especially Ian Robertson as Tom etc, was superb and the energy they brought to the performance(a matinee)was amazing.It was poignant and hilarious at the same time.I haven't laughed so much for ages.Brilliant play!

We went to see My Romantic History yesterday. It was absolutley brilliant. You felt like you could relate to the characters, which made it all the more hilarious but also poignant at times. The cast were fantastic and full of energy. Defintely worth seeing.

We went to see this on Saturday - and it was brilliant. Excellent acting and a top script. It really made our weekend.