What happens when the legacy of a father collides with the dreams of his son?

Widow Jeeto Gill has spent her life working hard and making sacrifices for her children. Now she looks forward to going back to her land in the Punjab, eating saag and roti on a verandah and letting her tired eyes rest on green fields.

Her son Pal seems to have it all but he’s restless. He’s got big plans for his Daddy’s business and a taste for Johnny Walker Black Label. However his kind-hearted wife Liz has her own ideas about what’s best. Meanwhile Pal’s sharp-tongued sister Cookie runs the tackiest beauty salon in town and harbours a dark secret.

When their cousin’s destitute wife, Reema, arrives from back home, the Gills propose to take care of her. Little do they know that her arrival will change the course of their family’s destiny forever.

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti makes a welcome return to The REP, following Behsharam (Shameless) and Behzti (Dishonour), with this bold, warm and extremely funny tale of contemporary extended family life.


“A beautifully observed and subtly written play in which big issues underpin the entertaining surface of domestic comedy”

Birmingham Post

a beautifully nuanced, Indian family drama

The Telegraph

Roxana Silbert’s production nicely conveys the contradictions within this divided family, and there are good performances all round.

The Guardian

I cannot fault the writing, creatives or performers in any way. By far the best production at the Rep since it reopened.

What’s On Stage

“The intimate space really lends itself to this production, we feel as if we are sat in the house observing the action as it unfolds.”

Stage Talk Magazine

Sudha Bhuchar gives a fine portrayal of a woman who’s learned to adapt her governance to the new conditions…but still speaks only the truth. The audience really connected with her indomitable spirit and wily defiance. It’s a pleasure to watch her at work.
BBC Radio Shropshire

There is also a lot of heart and no shortage of tension in this story of family dynamics and the clash between ambition and tradition.
Bum On A Seat

Khandan really is a must see
Polaroids And Polarbears

“Bhatti’s dialogue is sparky and Roxana Silbert’s production full of warmth and conviction.”
The Times

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP
  • The REP’s newest auditorium. The STUDIO seats 300 people. Wheelchair seating is available.

    The STUDIO is a highly flexible performance space and stands by the entrance to the Library Of Birmingham.

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
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