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His Dark Materials takes us on a thrilling journey through worlds familiar and unknown. Adapted from Philip Pullman’s three novels into two full-length plays, Nicholas Wright’s stage version directed by Rachel Kavanaugh, promises to be an exciting theatrical event.

Philip Pullman’s magical story unfolds in a world where young girl Lyra lives in an Oxford very like our own, but strangely different with other people’s souls brought to life as animal companions, known as daemons.

When Lyra overhears her Uncle, Lord Asriel, arguing with the religious authorities about mysterious “dust”, she embarks on an incredible journey to the Arctic to try and discover the truth. She meets the dangerously enticing Mrs Coulter and learns the secrets of the truth-telling Alethiometer. Along the way she encounters fantastical creatures in parallel worlds – armoured bears, flying witches and child-catching Gobblers.

In an eerie deserted city, Lyra meets a young boy, Will, who is on the run. Her fate is strangely linked to his own, and together they must find the most powerful weapon of all – a magical knife that can take them to parallel worlds.

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP, West Midlands, England
  • The main auditorium at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
  • Phone: 0121 245 2000

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Love the books and heard amazing things about the NT version of this. I'm so chuffed this is coming to the REP!

I have seen the NT production and it was fabulous! I am really excited to be able to see it again at the Rep. Looking forward to it!

I love the books and really want to see this!

I've booked yesterday and i'm so happy to see HDM finally on stage after reading the books several times.

If it's as good as the NT production it will be amazing - and much better than the film!

Hi, can you please advise if this production will tour after The Rep?


I am looking at buying tickets for one of the Friday Nights. I want to do this using the under 25's go free. Would I need to buy the tickets and then get a refund or would I need to call and book. Would you please let me know.


Hi Jo - thanks for your message. If you're between 14-26 we are offering free tickets on friday evenings as part of the 'A Night Less Ordinary' scheme - you can find out more about this here - and to book your ticket simply telephone the Box Office on 0121 236 4455 and mention the 'A Night Less Ordinary' scheme. I suggest you book as soon as possible, since these tickets are limited and I would hate for you to be disappointed.

As I haven't read these books, can you tell me what age they are suitable for please. I am a young OAP but I have youngsters around!

Just to say good luck to the Cast and Crew of His Dark Materials for their final week of rehersals.

I am coming friday night to the first preview, it cannot come fast enough, I am very excited.

Hi Jacqui - thank you for your message. We're recommending that the His Dark Materials plays are most suitable for anyone aged 12 or above. I hope you'll be able to bring your family to experience these two magical performances!

Saw part one last night, loved every moment of it.
Looking forward to seeing part two!

Saw Part One on friday, deserves to run and run, enchanting and totally electrifying.

Congratulations to the Rep on a stunning night out! Can't wait to see Part 2 on friday.

Have now seen part 1 and 2, I enjoyed every minute of both, I have never read any of the books so had no idea what they were going to be like, but the plays were brilliant.

Thoroughly enjoyed Part 1 yesterday. It was spellbinding and captivating. Kept us enthralled. Looking forward to Part 2 next week.

The stagecraft and puppetry are magnificent. They plotline is a bit too dense and fast to translate well on the stage. But no matter, the armoured bears alone are worth the ticket price.

Have been to see part 1 and 2 with my children. Absolutely fantastic.My husband thought it was a great adaptation of the books.
We all loved the daemons.The actors who worked with the puppets made the charcters their own and very believeable.
The performance on each night is long, as there is lots to tell, but the production enables us to become completely engrossed in the story,all thanks to a very hard working group of actors.A complete hit with all the family.

Saw parts one and two on saturday they were fabulous. I wondered how you were going to stage such a complex story i have to say it was fantastic. The costumes, lighting and choreography were excellent. I was transported by a wonderful cast to a magical world where time flew by. I loved this production and recommend it wholeheartedly.

I saw both parts 1 and 2 on Saturday. I've read the books and saw the NT production. I felt this was an excellent production of the same script, bearing in mind you had smaller resources to work with.
My only criticism would be that I think all the characters in Lyra's world need to have a visible daemon, so that it is established as the norm very quickly. Also there were times in scenes when the main daemons were not present because the actor was doing something else.

Saw both parts on Saturday - and was engrossed and enthralled throughout. The puppets were wonderful - especially Iorek.

But the actors too - a real tour de force!

Saw both parts in one day and was seriously impressed. I have always loved the books but was a little nervous that the production would not do the complex story justice. My fears were wholly unfounded. It was was sensitively adapted and though some cuts were necessary, it worked and didn't feel like there was anything missing. The puppets were wonderful and so was the cast. Loved every second.

saw it on monday and just wanna say it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was captivated from start to finish good work!!! Although it was pretty boiling and crammed in the theater, but it was a fantastic play, i wanna see it again!!!!

This was my very first theatre experience - I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for Part 2 tomorrow!

I thoroughly enjoyed Part One & can`t wait to see Part Two next week!The whole production was excellent, very true to the novels & the puppetry by Blind Summit was incredible!

We did not read the books but we enjoyed the show of Part 1 & it has been presented very well with the association of puppets. We are looking forward to seeing Part 2.

Having never read the books, didn't know what to expect from the play. Thoroughly enjoyed Part 1, especially the way the Daemons were portrayed on stage.

Saw both parts over a couple of days and have to say this is a wondeful production. Thoroughly engrossing it makes the time fly by - have booked to see both again in April and can't wait!!

Saw the second part last night - made me cry actually. The scene when Lyra has to leave Pan behind - heartbreaking! Website admins, please pass on my respect to the actor who played Pan. While the whole production and the cast was amazing; I think his performance was truly outstanding and I couldn't take my eyes off his touching, funny and clever play! Thank you!!!

I watched the show last night and went to the spotlight event, it was a great adaption of the book and much better than the film. It was one of the best play I have ever seen and I cannot wait to see Part 2. Thanks for providing such great entertainment.


The story was always great but great cast, great staging, amazing use of puppets, just an awesome spectacle and the perfect adaptation of the books.

Loved loved loved seeing this - so much so that my friend and I went to see it twice! The second time we saw it all in one day and it was the final performace. Well done to all the cast and crew - an amazing show!

Truly magical. I didn't think the book would transalte well to the stage, but I was blown away by the performances, sets and costumes.

The performance was brilliant, excellent puppetry too. The actors provided excellent parts, and it made clear the story.

We saw Parts 1 and 2 on the same day, taking in the matinee and evening performances. We had a great time. The show was extremely enjoyable and, as always, the atmosphere at the Rep was fantastic. Between the performances we used the Rep bar for snacks and drinks. An excellent day out.

Pleasingly a play that truly followed the book. The atmosphere was great and I was only sorry that we could not make Part 2. The programme was also very well presented with really interesting information and background.

Fantastic!! We saw both shows on the same day and both were wonderful. I'm re-reading the books now with a totally new perspective and enjoying them all over again. Congratulations to everyone involved, it was a unique production!

Saw Parts 1& 2 at the National Theatre in London, but this production is even better and the interaction between the puppets and key players were much livelier and enjoyable.

Me, my mum and sister are all huge fans of the book trilogy and missed the opportunity to see the NT production in London, so I jumped at the chance to see this. The production was every bit as thrilling as I'd imagined and then some... The Rep did a really superb job; and what a great venue. I thought seeing Parts 1 and 2 in the same day would be heavy going but the time just slipped by. Thank you to all the cast and REP staff for a wonderful, wonderful experience!

Seen your production in Bromley on Wedneday and Friday evening having been unable to get into the NT one.I thought it was awesome with great casting - Lyra's expressions seemed so right - and the Gallivespians were a hoot. Loved the deamons too!