Circling the outskirts of Birmingham on the Number 11 bus, two teenagers develop an unlikely friendship. Meanwhile a mother observes her daughters attempt to leave a violent relationship. Against the backdrop of a changing city everyone involved is forced to re-examine all they thought they knew about love, trust, family and friendship.

Rachel Delahay’s vivid and powerful new play boldly explores cycles of violence and what it takes to break them and is a visceral examination of the effects of such violence on a generation of young women.


“A supremely well-acted, thought-provoking piece”

The Public Reviews

“This is a play that cast, crew, writer and indeed the rest of the city should be proud of.”

Behind The Arras

“It felt a shame only 200 people could squeeze inside to witness Circles, so good was the cast, so clever was the storyline.”
Express And Star

“A profound and moving evening.”

The Good Review

“De-lahay’s talent for zippy urban dialogue – sparky, gritty and yet startlingly real – is used to full effect.”
The Stage

“Toyin Kinch’s Malachi has an infectious charm”
Birmingham Mail

“Sarah Manners (Angela) and Janice McKenzie (Phyllis) are both fantastic”
Broadway World

“The script snaps, crackles and pop with brilliant dialogue and the plotting cunningly conceals completely unexpected conclusions.”
Virtual Shropshire

“The script is taut, the characters are well drawn and the set is simple – but it still has a powerful message and a surprise twist.”
Weekend Notes

“Engaging and entertaining with some blistering performances from this excellent cast.”
Bum On A Seat

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The DOOR at The REP

  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP
  • The REP’s smallest auditorium. The DOOR seats 140 people. Wheelchair seating is available at the front.

    A highly intimate space, The DOOR has been dedicated to new plays since 1998 and has seen many world premieres!

    Because entry to the auditorium stands on the very edge of the performance space, absolutely no latecomers can be admitted to shows in The DOOR!

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
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