A sister is both a curse and a blessing…

In the Cheema’s kitchen, it’s Ladies’ Sangeet Night. Dal is sweating over the samosas, Mum and Masi ji fuss over the bride to be, and Simi flirts with her brother-in-law, who’s busy eyeing up the guests…

Fast-paced, funny and moving, Behna (Sisters) looks through the keyhole of a family home to reveal the secrets and lies of two generations. As the celebrations peak, truth, jealousy and history unfold and the sisters struggle to deal with more than pathooray and pakora.

This site-specific production will take place in the real kitchen of a London home creating a unique, intimate and lively piece of theatre.

You will receive the full address by email or post after you have booked – please telephone the Sales Team on 0121 236 4455 if you have not received this information two days before the performance you have booked.

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Dollis Hill, London

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