Birmingham solicitor George Edalji has been convicted of a terrible crime and is desperate to prove his innocence. After his release from prison he recruits the help of none other than expert crime writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to help solve his mysterious case and hopefully win him a pardon.

This powerful new stage adaptation, based on Julian Barnes’ semi-fictional novel, brings vividly to life the events of a hundred years ago which made sensational headlines as The Great Wyrley Outrages. As gripping as any of Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Arthur & George also raises many questions about guilt and innocence, identity, nationality and race.

Birmingham born, and internationally acclaimed playwright, David Edgar has written many plays including Destiny, Pentecost, Playing With Fire and Testing The Echo and his stage adaptations include Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde and Nicholas Nickleby. His most recent work for The REP was a new translation of Brecht’s Galileo.

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP, West Midlands, England
  • The main auditorium at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
  • Phone: 0121 245 2000
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If the play is anything like the book, it will be brilliant!!!

I agree with my namesake. I've just read the book in preparation for seeing the production on Monday. It's difficult to see how it can be adapted for the stage without losing something of that gradual build-up of tension, beautiful use of language and the careful development of characters in Julian Barnes' long and complex, yet eminently readable novel. But, hopes are high with David Edgar adapting. I haven't looked forward to a stage production with such anticipation for a long time.

Easily the best main house show at the Rep in a number of years. Edgar's fluent adaptation simultaneously sustains the narrative thrust while allowing the underlying themes space to develop. It's far more structurally compelling than the original novel. The theatrical sleight of hand in the final scene is particularly powerful. The set is simple yet effective and the performances without exception impressive. A thoroughly entertaining and stimulating night out.

I was lucky enough to see the show on Tuesday and it was wonderful. I was really happy to be able to go so early in the run and loved the whole production, especially the repetition of the horse motif.

superb edwardian costumes

Having spent my childhood in Great Wyrley the play had a particular resonance. Then when I watched the Saturday matine (27th March) I then realized that my house was built on the site of some of the actual atrocities. My friend and I would also like to thank the front of house staff for their kindness when we realized we couldn't reach our seats on the second floor. Thank you for finding us appropriate seats.

An excellent adaptation of an excellent book.
Well worth a visit and an enjoyable night out

A great adaptation of a great book with superb performances by Adrian Lukis and Chris Nayak. Another success for the Birmingham Rep staging a play with its story's roots strongly in the Midlands.