This Christmas Charles Dickens’ heartwarming family favourite A Christmas Carol comes to life in a fabulous new stage adaptation.

Bah! Humbug! It’s Christmas Eve and the meanest and most cold-hearted man in London, Ebenezer Scrooge has no time for merriment or mistletoe.

But just as the clock strikes midnight his world turns around when he is taken on a journey through the vivid and enchanting worlds of past, present and future.

Will Scrooge change his ways in time for Christmas Day?

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  • Address: Centenary Square, Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2EP, West Midlands, England
  • The main auditorium at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

  • Box Office: 0121 236 4455
  • Phone: 0121 245 2000
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Is the production of 'Christmas Carol' aimed at primary school audiences?

Hi Anthea - we recommend age 7+, so A Christmas Carol is certainly suitable for many Primary School classes. Our Sales Team on 0121 236 4455 will be happy to advise you of group booking rates. We look forward to welcoming you.

Do you do school group discounts and do you have disabled facilities?

Hi Nikki - thanks for your message. We do offer great discounts for school parties - if you contact the sales team on 0121 236 4455 they will be happy to advise you of the best package for your group. You can find details of our access facilities here but if you have a specific query which isn't covered here then the sales team will be happy to help. Kind regards, Steph.

Is there a family ticket availble? 2 adults and 2 children.

Hello Josie - we offer a family ticket at many performances, for 4-7 people, where at least two are under 16. The price varies from £12 per person to £18 per person, depending on which performance you attend. The Sales Team on 0121 236 4455 will be pleased to advise you on which dates have which family ticket prices.

Going to see this show at the end of November, the perfect way to see in the month of December!
Really looking forward to it.

Do you know who will be in the cast?

Hi Louise - thanks for your message. The cast list for A Christmas Carol is now online - have a look at the 'Company' tab just below the 'Book Now' button on this page. Kind regards, Steph

It's not a musical is it ?

Is this production a musical or a straight production based closely on the book?

Please can you confirm what time the saturday afternoon production finishes? My son is playing in a concert in the evening

It has been a long time since visiting the Birmingham Rep, can you advise which row and approx position is best to see the any of the presentations. We would like to see A Christmas Carol but we really could do with advise on where is best to sit, there will be approx 4 possibly 5 of us.

Could you tell me what time the perfomance finishs on the friday 27th Novemebr show at 7.30pm

Hello Julie and Sheree - thanks for your messages. The play is still in rehearsals, and so we can't give an accurate running time at this stage. Our 'very' rough estimate at this stage is between 2hours and 2hours 30 minutes, but we will of course post the accurate running times on this page as soon as we have them. I hope this is of some help to you and we look forward to welcoming you to The REP.

Hi Dave - thank you for your message. The REP's auditorium is a democratic one, meaning that we have one large raked auditorium, rather than stalls, circle and boxes. This means that there really aren't any 'best seats in the house', and you should get a great view from wherever you sit. If you have specific requirements, eg level access to seats, or you prefer to be on the end of a row or not too high up, then if you telephone the sales team on 0121 236 4455 they will be pleased to advise you on which seats would suit your party best.

I hope this helps!

I have been reading on your site about the theatre days you do before a production for schools and I was wondering if there will be any for this performance? Thanks

is this a musical or just a play with no songs?

yeah :)

Hi Helen - unfortunately there aren't any theatre days around A Christmas Carol, however we do offer workshops in schools - if this is of any interest to you please contact the Learning & Participation Department on 0121 245 2092 and they'll be pleased to give you more details.

is there any sort of group discount offer and what is it?? for around 10 people!!

Hi Fiona - thanks for your message. We offer a range of group discounts but these depend on which performance you come to and the size of your group. If you give the Sales Team a call on 0121 236 4455 they will be pleased to advise you on the best available rate for your group.

Hi, What age is classed as adult, because we have 2 boys aged 16 and 1 aged 12. What is the price of a ticket for children please. We are looking to go on 18th December.

What does BSL Interpreted Performance mean?

Does the production have strobe lighting?

Hi Yvonne - thanks for your messages. Adult is classed as aged 16 and over. On 18 December, adult tickets are between £15 and £25, and tickets for Under 16s are £15. If your 16 year old has a student card we also offer limited tickets at the student rate of £15. To answer your other question, the BSL Interpreted performance is a performance which is also signed in British Sign Language. You can find out more about these performances here

Hi LG - A Christmas Carol does make use of some strobe lighting. I've sent you an email so that you have my email address, should you require any further information on this.

Is the REP disabled friendly and can you reserve seating to accommodate the disabled?

Hi Paula

The REP aims to be as accessible and welcoming to all and we are committed to making your visit to us as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We have accessible seating, wheelchair spaces and discounts for disabled people for many performances. We also have complimentary Assisting Companion tickets, for disabled people who require the support of another person to access The REP and its services. For a full overview of our access services, please go to the Access pages on our website: At the bottom of the page, you can download a PDF of our Access Guide or listen to an audio version if you would prefer.

Our recently introduced Access Register will enable you to book any of these services. You can even make your booking online. Rows D and L in the main auditiorium are level, all other rows require steps. It is also worth noting that our lift only goes to the first floor (Row L).

You can book the wheelchair spaces and companion seats on Row L online once you have joined the Access Register. There are additional wheelchair spaces on row D, that can only be booked over the phone.

If you require any further information that you cannot find on our website, please call our Box Office on 0121 236 4455 and a member of the team will be happy to discuss the options with you according to your access needs.

Best wishes. Selene
Community Engagement Officer, The REP

Hi i would like to ask if carers or disabled people go free I am disabled and would like to see the christmas carol i am not in a wheelchair so would be needing two seats as my carer will be with me.
Could you forward the cost.
Thank you for your time

hello .
a couple of people have asked you whether this is a play (with songs) based reasonably closely on the text or 'a musical' but so far I can't see an answer posted. Need to know to know who it will suit

Hi Debbie - thanks for your message. I'm delighted to hear that you'd like to see A Christmas Carol. We offer a discount for disabled people at many performances, and also a free companion seat. The prices do vary greatly depending on which performance you would like to come to and where you choose to sit - the Sales Team will be pleased to advise you if you give them a call on 0121 236 4455 or alternatively email with your preferred dates, and a member of the Sales Team will respond to you. I hope this helps and we look forward to welcoming you to The REP.

Hi to everyone who has asked whether A Christmas Carol is a 'straight play' or a musical - it's a musical with script by Bryony Lavery and music & lyrics by Jason Carr.

I know the strobe lighting question has been asked, but will A Christmas Carol contain any fireworks or loud bangs (like when the Witch made the turkish delight appear in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe last year)? Many thanks and good luck with opening night next week!!
From James

I am going to see this with some people from my school!
i am really excited as i also get a backstage tour and an interview with 2 actors!
please can you tell me if it is any good or if you enjoyed it?


Hello James - yes there will be some loud bangs and flashes - the play hasn't had its technical rehearsals yet so I can't be more specific about when they will occur etc, but do contact us again if you require detailed information.

hello, at what time would we have to arrive if we were to have a three course dinner before the production of A Christmas carol? Thank you

Hi Anthony - thanks for your message. If you're seeing a 7.30pm performance I'd recommend that you're seated in the restaurant no later than 6pm to ensure you have enough time for your meal.


Just wondering as students are given £15 discount, is this based on any student age, am 23 with a university student id. Is this ok?

Hi Selina - Student Discount, where available, is based on having student ID, so you will be eligible for this discount.

hi i dont know the area at all and am planning to view the production. could you please recomend some good resturants and accomadation in the area?


Hi Liam - thanks for your message. I'm pleased to see that you're planning to travel from Doncaster to see the show! We have a great bar and restaurant here at The REP, and there are lots of different kinds of restaurants and bars within a few minutes' walk. You can find more details of hotels and restaurants in Birmingham here

Saw the production last night. Absolutely brilliant and not what I expected. The atmostsphere was definately one of a ghost story in keeping with Dicken's original vision. Cast brilliant ~ see how many of them you recognise as the characters change and the make up switches round. The concept particulalry of the "stage ghosts" having no concept of past present or future as their ages differ a stroke of genius. The characters on the stage give it a 3D effect ~ you need to be there to appreciate it ~ i've just bought more tickets!!

Went last night and thought it was brilliant. The actors are so talented, acting dancing and singing and all to such a high standard. Loved the interpretation especially Tiny Tim which allowed the other characters to develop more fully. the stage props and costume were amazing. Think it might scare some youngsters but the crowds of children there last night loved it and gave the Company a fantastic chorus of approval at the end. Shame it had to end. may try to get to see it again.
Also had an amazing meal beforehand - the lamb was the best I have ever had and so tender it melted in the mouth . Thank you

what a fantastic show very dark deep and ghostly atmosphere for me it beats the muppets christmas carol brilliant changes with the cast if i could would go again well done to the rep

Good play, excellent production, only one problem... no Muppets. Some interesting alternative puppet work however...

Just wanted to congratulate everyone involved with 'A Christmas Carol'. I saw it last night and thought it was excellent - a really imaginative retelling of a familiar story. I wasn't expecting such a spectacle. I'm hoping there are some tickets left as I want to see it again now!

Saw the show last night, thought it was fantastic, a brilliant version of a classic story, great to see christmas future cast as death. And the younger members of the cast were absolutely brilliant, would go again if i get chance.

I am very concerned about the access to the site and parking, i walk with a stick, but can not walk far. Is it far from the car park?

it was a really good show . ;)

Hello Susan and thanks for your message. The car park is a couple of hundred yards from the entrance to the theatre. If you're not able to walk as far as this, you have a couple of options - firstly if you are a blue badge holder we have a small number of parking spaces available right next to the theatre - these need to be reserved in advance, which you can do through the Sales Team on 0121 236 4455. They are limited so I would suggest you get in touch with the Sales Team as soon as you're able to. Alternatively if someone else is driving you to the theatre you could be dropped off at the side of The REP on King Alfred's Place (between The REP and the ICC - just off the roundabout on Cambridge Street) before they park in the car park. I hope that one of these options is suitable for you, and we look forward to welcoming you to The REP.

I saw this production with my school today( 8th december) IT WAS BRILLIANT!!!! The cast were great and they were so convincing. My favourite part was when they were all singing in the Fuzzywig bit.The songs were great too!! Everyone should go and see it!!!

I had the three course meal with a friend recently , and as a vegetarian , I can say that the meal was outstanding . A lot of thought had been put into it , unlke some veggie meals , and I will definitely return . Service is great and the staff were geared up to making sure that people were on time for the start of the show .
Well done Rep. My friend loved her fish meal too.

Hi, Am coming on the 23rd Dec and want to eat out after.

Anyone know what the running time is including intervals please?

Also, will it be busy and queueing to park for the evening show? If so how long should I allow.



Hi David - thank you for your message. The show lasts for approximately 2 hours 5 minutes including an interval. Having checked the NIA and Symphony Hall websites there is a concert at Symphony Hall on 23rd so combined with Christmas shopper traffic in the city centre I would expect the area to be busy. I would therefore advise that you allow plenty of time for your journey. We look forward to welcoming you to The REP and hope you enjoy the show.

This production was just fabulous! I've been recommending it to everyone! Loved the spookiness and I came out feeling very xmassy! It's the best xmas show I've been to in a long time. Well done everyone & a very happy Christmas to all involved! :o)

Fantastic production in every way.

I am so very proud to be a Brummie when we produce shows as fine as this one! Very well done to everybody involved, and all the best to the REP for an exciting 2010!

02/01/2010, What an absolutely fantastic performance by the whole cast,the images that your cast portrayed were absolutely stunning,and the acting and singing were first rate.I can whole heartedly recommend this production.Thanks again for a wonderful evenings entertainment.

Having seen the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre production of this version I was very interested in seeing what the Birmingham Rep production would be like and I can hand on heart say it is the very best professional production of A Christmas Carol I have ever seen (and I've seen a few). Everything was used to its very best advantage and even though I saw the show a few days into the New Year, the closing image of an ideal Christmas scene sent Christmassy feelings through my body once more. Thanks for such a great show.

Just wanted to thank you all for your brilliant comments on A Christmas Carol - the show has been an absolute joy and we're sad that it's coming to an end! Thanks also to Jonathan (the last commenter) for his great blog about the show - read it here

We saw A Christmas Carol last night and all thought that it was fantastic. The actors were brilliant, the effects were amazing and the whole performance was just wonderful! Great work by everyone concerned - both on stage, behind the scenes and in the pit! Well done, and thank you so much for a most enjoyable evening!

Hi, How do you apply for 16-25 tickets for a show? The webiste says the details are on the booking section but I have not been able to find any mention here?



Hi David - you can find details about how to book for A Night Less Ordinary (free tickets for 14-26 year olds on Friday nights) here - this page also gives details of the 'Mad To Miss' ticket deal for 14-26 year olds on other nights.