REP100 Centenary Stroll

Put on some headphones and listen to the story of Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
As part of our 2013 centenary celebrations, we have created an audio walk that takes you on three short journeys through the long history of Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Chapter One – Birmingham

Hear the voices of people from the theatre’s past such as Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s founder Sir Barry Jackson, actress Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies and playwright Bernard Shaw. Visit eight locations in the city, beginning at The REP in Centenary Square and ending at the Old Rep.

REP100 Centenary stroll map for Chapter 1 - Birmingham

Chapter Two – The Stratford Connection
Travel back to 1945 when Sir Barry Jackson became the Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (now the Royal Shakespeare and Swan Theatres).

Visit three locations in the theatres:
1 Swan Bridge, Level 1, Swan Theatre
2 Upper Circle Bar, Level 2, Royal Shakespeare Theatre
3 Tower Link Bridge, Level 2, Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Chapter Three – Sir Barry Jackson in Malvern

Discover how Malvern is connected to Birmingham through Sir Barry Jackson, the founder of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Take a stroll around the beautiful spa town of Malvern and discover how Sir Barry Jackson founded the Malvern Festival here in 1929.

The walk is based around three locations:
1. The Elgar Statue and Enigma Fountain, Church Street
2. The Bandstand in Priory Park behind Malvern Theatres
3. Beside the Malvern Theatres, Priory Park, off Grange Road

Map of Malvern Centenary Stroll

Starting your audio walk

For each journey, you have a number of options for accessing this walk.

Using a QR reader
At each location point you will find a QR code and web address. Scan and download that episode onto your personal device

Information on QR code readers

Download from the web
Download one or more chapters, or the complete story, onto your device in advance here.

Borrow an MP3 player
In Birmingham, Stratford or Malvern you can borrow an MP3 player for your Centenary Stroll. We ask you to make a £10 refundable deposit to use the MP3 player.
To borrow an MP3 player, please visit:
Birmingham: The BOX at The REP.
Stratford on Avon: The cloakroom at level 0 in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.
Malvern: The Tourist Information Centre in Church Street, WR14 2AA

The REP100 Centenary Stroll is narrated by David Graham and created by Stand + Stare. It is part of a Heritage Lottery funded project, celebrating 100 years of the theatre’s history.

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